June Gear review – Liquid Nymph Collars

Liquid Nymph Collars

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Liquid Nymph offers a higher priced range of exquisite formal collars, yet sturdy enough to be used in training with your kitten. The prices start at $55 and go over $100, the average price seeming to be around $85 for a leather collar. Below I will list some of their more classic designs for the kitten with refined tastes. If you want to purchase a Liquid Nymph collar you can find their store here.



Chateau girls at the playboy party in Vegas

The Chateau girls at the playboy party in Vegas

Chateau in Vegas 2015


Chateau in Las Vegas 2015

The Chateau hosted a private party at Rumors boutique hotel in Las Vegas! There were several events over the weekend, including a pool party at Artisan, a fetish party and a Playboy party. Below I will include links to videos of the weekend as well as photos from the event!

Video of Persia and Lilith Serpentine’s shoot can be found here.

Video of the Artisan poolparty can be found here.

Video of the playboy party can be found here.

Video of M kitteh’s photoshoot can be found here.

Video from Artisan hotel can be found here.

Video of Chinchilla Roo and Lilith’s shoots can be found here.


(Lilith Serpentine welcoming you to the event.)

11149539_674114719388702_6227993166785006210_n (Rumors hotel pictured above, the location of our event.)



(The girls at Artisan hotel, left to right top to bottom, Lilith Serpentine, Chinchilla Roo, Skylark and Persia.)


(Persia and Lilith Serpentine inside the chapel at Artisan Hotel.)


(The gorgeous lobby at Rumors hotel!)


(M kitteh from her photoshoot in Las Vegas, each of the girls got to complete their own shoot and each received a collar or pair of ears as a gift!)


(Snippits from Persia and Lilith’s photoshoot, some of the girls teamed up to do duo shoots for fun!)


(Snippits from Skylark’s shoot.)


(Champagne and Oysters at Paris hotel)


(The kittens were all mermaids during the artisan pool party!)


(skylark as a mermaid)


 (Group shot of the kittens inside Artisan hotel, we did a fun photoshoot in the hotel after we got out of the pool, nighttime pool parties are the best! Left to right top to bottom, Persia, Skylark, Lilith Serpentine, Chinchilla Roo and Tashaya.)

11698502_685328458267328_3473834872644654980_n(Lilith Serpentine playing with a lion at artisan hotel.)


(lilith Serpentine and Skylark, during a night out on the town, we went to see the Bellagio Fountain, ran around the strip and went to The Chateau nightclub (shocking. )

We hope you enjoyed looking at these event pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them! If you are interested we will be hosting another private Chateau party in Vegas end of may, beginning of June 2016. If you are interested in attending you can email isi@thechateau.org for more information about ticket pricing etc.


Cute Kitten Themed Lingerie!

Kitten themed lingerie.

Just in time for kitten bedroom play sessions, cute Kitten themed lingerie! They are each sorted by different breeds and colors. Which one would you pick!?

You can read more about them and find out where to buy them here.