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If you are a Kitten and an anime fan, then you probably already love nekomimi anime, however if you are yet to have a watch any then this list of my top 5 will help you to find some of the best! Of all the varieties of anime that Japan has to offer, this is my favorite and you can find nekomimi characters across many anime genres. Nekomimi translates as ‘cat ears’, you will also find characters with other animal ears and features, these are called Kemonomimi which simply translates as ‘animal ears ’. Most often the characters will have animal features or be a humanoid animal, however these terms can also be applied to human characters who wear cosplay ears.

I have compiled this list of my favorite nekomimi themed series as a recommendation and resource for you all to find something to enjoy. Many of the series were produced in Manga form before animated adaptations were released. These are all great to curl up and watch when wanting time to yourself or to relax, they also serve as great things to watch with friends. Planning a Kitten slumber party? The animes below would be perfect!


Tokyo Mew Mew (series)

Tokyo Mew Mew is the story of Neko girl Ichigo Momomiya and four other heroines. Formerly human, Ichigo discovers that she has been infused with Iriomote wildcat DNA after an earthquake. During the earthquake Ichigo is bathed in an unknown light, a cat approaches and they merge. Ichigo’s new DNA allows her to transform into ‘Mew Ichigo’, accessing feline abilities and superpowers. Ichigo is instructed to find another four girls who were also infused with animal DNA, together they form the Mew Mews; each with different animal transformations. The Mew Mews purpose is to fight against the Chimera Anima who are alien parasites aiming to take over Earth by infecting wildlife and turning animals into monsters.

Released: 2002

Episodes: 52 episodes

Rated: PG 12

Genre: Magical Girl


Nekopara (series)

An anime about Neko girls working in a Maid Café for their Master – need I say more? This was a long-awaited series after the original visual novels were immensely popular. In this anime humans coexist with Cat girls who are kept as pets. Kashou Minaduki is a young man who moves out of his family home to open his own café named La Soleil and whilst unpacking he finds that two of the families pet Neko girls, Vanilla and Chocola, had snuck into his boxes and they do not want to return home. Vanilla and Chocola wo are Twin sisters stay with Kashou and help to run the café, while the families 4 other Neko girls join them at the café to work. Early in the series Chocola finds a lost Kitten who follows her home, she seems to have no owners and so is taken in and given the name Cacao. Each episode looks into the daily lives and relationships of the Neko’s with each other and  their owners, there is lots of humour, fun and of course, catty moments.

Released: 2020

Episodes: 12 episodes & 2 OVA’s

Rated: Officially rated as PG 13 however I would say that this is 18+ due to the sexual references. There is no nudity however there is a lot of fan-service.

Genre: Comedy & Romance


Tsukuyomi: moon phase (series)

This anime follows Luna, vampire royalty who just so happens to wear cat ears. Does this make Luna a Vampurr? The story begins when photographer Kouhei Morioka visits a haunted German castle to investigate paranormal activity for his friend’s magazine. Kouhei is confronted by Luna in the castle where she bites him, however he is unaffected. Luna is being held captive in the castle and forces Kouhei to aid in her escape, once free Luna goes in search for her Mother. Upon Kouhei’s return to Japan, he finds that Luna has settled into the home that he shares with his Grandfather, they become unlikely friends and housemates. Since Luna bit Kouhei she insists that they have a blood pact and continually attempts to make him her slave, Kouhei refuses to serve as her slave however does help Luna through protecting her from the other Vampires sent to take her back to the castle.

Released: 2004

Episodes: 26 & 1 OVA

Rated: PG 13

Genre: Comedy, Romance & Supernatural


Asobi ni Iku yo! / Cat Planet Cuties (series)

Asobi ni Iku yo! Is known as Cat Planet cuties outside of Japan but translates directly as ‘Let’s go play’. Alien Cat Girls visit Earth to study our planet and gather data. The Alien’s home planet is named Catia and their species is Catian. Human boy Kio meets female  Catian Eris at a memorial service, after which Kio finds himself waking up next to Eris in his bed and she continues to stay in his home for the duration of her Earth visit. Eris has both enemies and alien worshipers who seek to capture her and keep the existence of Catians a secret. Kio tries to protect Eris however; it transpires that some of the people close to Kio are part of the very organizations that he is up against. Everything becomes shrouded in mystery; intrigue builds and of course, it all gets very sexy.

Released: 2010

Episodes: 12 & 1 OVA

Rated: R – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Action & Sci-Fi


The Cat Returns (movie)

Student Haru saves a Cat from being hit by a car and much to her surprise the cat can walk upright and talk! The cat thanks Haru for her act of kindness and promises to return to thank her properly. It turns out that the extraordinary cat is Prince Lune of the Cat Kingdom. Over the next few days Haru begins to receive an array of gifts from Lune’s father, the King, such as catnip, mice and  Lune’s hand in marriage. Haru’s response to the proposed marriage is unclear due to her confusion and so the king’s representatives take the answer as yes. Haru is guided to seek the Cat Bureau for help and ends up being abducted to the Cat Kingdom. Whilst in the Cat Kingdom, Haru slowly begins to change as her features morph into a more feline appearance. Eager to have Haru marry the Price, the King tries to keep Haru in his Kingdom long enough to permanently be transformed into a cat . This movie is a race against time with a touch of comedy and dash of romance.

Released: 2002

Rated: U – suitable for all ages

Genre: Fantasy & Adventure


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  1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    YESSS!!! I love this article soo much I am also a HUGE Anime fan and also all thing Manga lol I actually made a group to talk Manga on FB just started it like a couple weeks age ^-^….Also I love Tsukuyomi: moon phase I own this on disc! It is just that good I saw it at Dragoncon for sale and I was like yup that is mine lol I will defiantly have to watch these other ones and let ya know what I think.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Ohhh, what’s the Facebook group name please? I’d love to join

  2. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    Yay!! We are like a book club with Manga so once a month we are going to be reviewing random number 1 Mangas. I am pumped you will be the 3rd person in the group its called “The Manga Warriors” we have a group and a like page we just made. If you know any other Manga lovers please send them on over. I actually created the group as there are not many book clubs for adults into Manga.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Great stuff- I have found you and sent a bunch of invites !

      1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

        Aww thank you!!! I am super pumped! ^_^

  3. Thank you for making this list! Definitely going to watch some of these that I have not seen!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Awesome. If there are any that you’ve seen, that you think are a must watch but not on the list, please recommend them to me ^^

  4. Neko.Eira Neko.Eira says:

    I love all of these. I have only recently got around to seeing Nekopara. Its made me want to get a maids outfit now haha

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I feel like it has that effect on many people ! It is such a great mix of comedy, cute and sexy

  5. Toxic Toxic says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ll have to check these out.

  6. November November says:

    Thank you for sharing! Now I have some tb watching to do!

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