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An article dedicated to the care of the pampered puss. I will be writing in terms of caring for your show kitten in preparation to take photos, but should you be caring for yourself that is equally acceptable. These principles can of course be applied to any type of kitten, and will be especially enjoyed by domesticated lap cats. Please allow patience as some kittens may be more playful and wriggly, and bare in mind some kittens may scratch you at the mere thought of you bathing them! Always check in with your kitten to what they would personally enjoy!

The show kitten takes great pride in themselves, and loves the finer things in life. They are often labelled ‘fussy’ or ‘picky’, but get it right and you will have a loyal and devoted companion for life. This kitten simply knows what she desires. You want to ensure that you pay attention to detail when caring for this type of feline. They will notice, and they will appreciate those small gestures.

Firstly draw them a bath. This can be as simple as candles on the side and some bubbles, but in the name of being extra, let’s go all out and spoil them. Bath oils will help your kitten to feel silky smooth. Essential oils such as ylang ylang or chamomile shall send her to aromatherapy bliss. Dried lavender or rose petals look wonderful in the water, and most grocery stores sell bubble bath liquid (usually meant for babies) with lavender, these make plenty of bubbles and are perfect for more sensitive skin. Another consideration may be the more shy kitten, for this type, who may be conscious of your adoring gaze, you can offer a milk bath, which has benefits for their skin.

Alternatively you could use bath bombs or fizzes for that extra pamper factor. Don’t skip out the candles, lower the lights and allow your kitten to enter their own little spa.

At this point you may wish to leave them to enjoy, but I would encourage you to stay. Show kittens enjoy the extra attention with this process, and these loving gestures are often much appreciated and can be used to further bond with your kitten. This can be using a soft sponge to wet and clean their body, shampooing and conditioning their hair and soft body stroking.

Sugar and oil make a great exfoliating scrub if your kitten is short hair and wants to shave (long hair kittens may not, it’s important to ask and respect their choice on this!) whilst they are busy, you should leave to pop their towel on a radiator or to tumble dry, so that the towel is fluffy and warm to entice kitten out of the bath. Pat them dry and apply a leave in conditioner or hair silk and a body moisturiser. You want your show kittens coat in tip top condition.

By now your kitten should be super relaxed. You may want to offer a massage and settle into a night routine as this is a great activity before bed, however, today’s focus is prepping your kitten for a shoot. Proceed to dry their hair. Use a normal brush and heat protection spays for blow drying, you don’t want to damage the coat. Once dry you can brush with a boar bristle brush to distribute the hair oils for a shiny and healthy look. Make sure to comment on how well they sit, give praise and admire your beautiful kitten!

Jelly beans or small pieces of chocolate can be used to calm a wriggling kitten. Tell them they cannot chew, only suck the chosen sweet and enjoy a moment of peace whilst they concentrate on this. Pay attention to their ears and tail. Some kittens are very particular about this!! Use caution if you are prepping a feral kitten as they may not allow you to be so personal unless you are bonded. If so, consider yourself grateful to be allowed such privilege!

No kitten requires make up as they are all beautiful, but they may wish to if shooting, ask if they would like to, and offer hydration, preferably in the form of champagne whilst they prepare.

Check your kittens paws, their claws should be spotlessly clean, hand cream is great for their skin, especially those made with Shea butter. Apply a small amount and massage in, let your kitten enjoy the attention.

For show kittens, Bring ear and tail bows, hair accessories and tiaras for your kittens approval. For a more playful kitten they now may appreciate a game for behaving so well! Most kittens love when their slave.. oops! I mean owner, chooses their collar and tag for them, and shall wear them with pride, but this is another privilege you must have earned.

Congratulations! Your kitten is squeaky clean, shiny and ready for the camera. Get some super cute snaps of them and be sure to lavish them with treats and praise! 



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  1. darkcrystal darkcrystal says:

    Bath time is always my favorite thing! I love being rubbed down with lavender lotion after it helps keep my skin soft. Good Article <3

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      Thank you! Lavender is one of my favourites. Especially before bed, it’s so relaxing!

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    I love this its so great!. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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      Thank you, glad you enjoyed 🙂

  3. I love everything from lush, their products are amazing. This is a very cute article. Where did you get those ears and that collar? Omg! Love.

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