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Salutations lovely kittens spring is here, and summer is around the corner and what do all good kittens deserve? Sunbathing in the sun with a tasty beverage. I have some fun colorful drinks to keep you refreshed; from basking in the sun to campfires at night. A drink for all occasions, I hope you enjoy these drinks as much as I did and as you will see some experiments are key to a fun time.


First up is this gorgeous drink called the Trickster. I had another taste these drinks with me so I could get you different opinions. I will start off with saying that this drink is like drinking a fruit punch with a rock candy taste. As if it was childhood in a glass, imagine running down the street with a capri sun in hand ready for excitement. A word of caution to all kittens, blue paws are likely while mixing as my tester and I can attest to.


  • 1 shot of cherry vodka
  • 1 shot of strawberry vodka
  • 1 shot of grenadine (if wish for redder color use 2 shots)
  • Shake vodka grenadine mixture with ice pour into cup of choice filled with ice
  • 3 shots of blue curacao
  • 1 shot of sprite
  • Carefully shake mixture (pressure will build from sprite as my tester found out the hard way)
  • Now here’s where it gets tricky. Pour the mixture into the cupslowly” pouring onto the backside of a spoon this will create a layer for the two mixtures giving the same look in the picture.


Next up is the Kitten by the Campfire. Proving that looks can be deceiving this drink may not look the prettiest but according to my taster it was the tastiest. Like drinking a tootsie roll it is a creamy chocolate taste that is also refreshing on a hot day. This is your grown-up chocolate milk. I was skeptical upon this drinks creation hence my trusty taster had the first go upon tasting I have to say it reminded me of Coco Puffs. We did notice that with this drink no ice is better and graham crackers are excellent for dipping, the marshmallow at the end is delish.


  • Fill glass with and milk to the brim
  • Add ice if desired
  • A shot worth of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup (add more for more chocolatey taste)
  • 1 to 2 shots of your choice of vodka depending on size of glass.
  • We used Stuffed Puffed marshmallows for our drink but feel free to use any type
  • Graham cracker for garnish


Our third drink and my personal favorite is The Ruby Rose. A very airy and flowery taste like drinking a fresh spring breeze. Whether lounging on the porch or relaxing by the pool this is the drink that will keep you refreshed and feeling fancy with every sip. This drink called for champagne a kitten’s delight, and we used Rose sparkling water in place of regular rose water. I cannot recommend this drink enough to kittens.


  • 1 shot orange juice (fresh squeezed or bought in-store)
  • 1 shot of sparkling rose water
  • 1 shot of grenadine
  • Desired amount of maraschino cherries
  • Fill glass to the brim with champagne.
  • Stir and enjoy.


The final drink we tried was one that had me all sorts of excited The Springing Kitten I have a love for strawberries, so this drink was right up my alley. A very subtle lemon and lime taste that can hide the taste of alcohol for those kittens who are not fans. The lemonade and strawberry mix make for a good drink to be served while basking in the sun.


  • 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
  • 1 small lime wedge
  • 3 fresh strawberries, 2 hulled and sliced and one for garnish
  • 1 shot of cherry vodka
  • 1 shot of club soda


I hope you all enjoy these drinks as much as I did! *Cheers*

-Tox Suki =^-^=


65 thoughts on “Blooming from Spring into Summer Cocktails”

  1. Kiurym Kiurym says:

    All of these look so delicious! I have to try them all!! =OwO=

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      Thank you so much kitten sister! I just enjoyed making these drinks sooo much.

  2. All of these look amazing! I’m excited to try the Ruby Rose!

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      Thank you and if you do please tell me what u thought of it.

  3. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    @peach.k.itten That slumber party that I keep mentioning… If you agree to make your Tarragon Chicken, I will be bar maid and whip these up for us all, I can’t promise such amazing presentation though , so perhaps one of the other Kittens could take over that part 😛 @tinykitten I feel like you would be great at that ?

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      Yess!!! Ohh please let me know what you guys think <3

      1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

        Our lockdown is being mostly lifted in early July, hopefully soon after it will be safer and we can all finally meet and give you our thoughts x

        1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

          I look forward to it and you all stay safe!

  4. Shelbiejlm Shelbiejlm says:

    I dont endulge in alcohol often but these are all a must to try! What wonderful recipes!

  5. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

    Wow! The presentation of these glasses are so pleasing. Thanks for the read.

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      Thank you I worked really hard on this article but it was at least a lot of fun to do =^-^=!!

      1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

        Writing articles can be intimidating.

        1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

          Definitely do not be intimated with writing articles your already doing an amazing job! I really enjoyed your last article and I am here if you ever need me to give you some feedback or help.

          1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

            That is extremely sweet of you. Thank you for the offer.

            1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

              You are very welcome kitten sister =^_^=

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      If you make any of these please let me know which is your favorite =^_^=

  6. GloomyPaws GloomyPaws says:

    I don’t drink, but these look so pretty and I bet they are delicious as well! The presentation is absolutely amazing too!

  7. KeeTeaKat KeeTeaKat says:

    These look absolutely delicious, I’m excited to make a few of these this summer.:)

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      If you get a chance to make them definitely let me know you favorite one.

  8. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    These sound delicious! Especially the Trickster and the Ruby Rose. And they all look so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      The Ruby Rose one was definitely my favorite =^_^= so you will have to let me know which one you end up liking the most.

  9. Oh wow, this is amazing! I really love the way you decorate and garnish the drinks! I especially love the amount of attention to detail for the cover photo. Good job! <3

    1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

      Thank you sooo much =^_^= I just had so much fun making these drinks and taking the photos for this I went all in lol

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