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Ceremony Leather (CL) is an English shop that specialize in collars, leashes, cuffs, harnesses, ears and so much more including Pet play and BDSM themed jewelry and accessories. Items can be made in genuine leather or vegan alternatives in array of colors with a huge choice of different hardware types and crystal adornments. Ceremony Leather is Based in Birmingham however further to shopping directly from their website, you can find them in various alternative/fetish markets across the UK.  There are items to suit all tastes and Pet types from simple collars with spikes or rivets that are tug proof, through to luxurious and more elaborate pieces bedazzled in Swarovski crystals.  Customs are available and they offer international shipping. The shop owner Vic is very friendly, warm and approachable which in my opinion adds to the draw of this shop.

Kitten Ear Headbands

These are a relatively new addition to their shop and are brilliant for Kittens who prefer a simpler look . I have purchased a black PVC pair and red glitter pair. They are great if looking for budget friendly gear at just £12 a pair. The simplicity of these ears means that they can be easily worn in public and non-kink spaces.


  • A more affordable product that still has a luxury feel due to the eye-catching materials used.
  • Versatile in where they can be worn.
  • These are less easily damaged and do not require as much care as the popular faux fur and airbrushed alternatives.
  • The ears can be moved along the headband to your preferred position.


  • Headbands can cause some discomfort if worn for an extended period however, it is important to note that the headbands used by CL are lightweight and not too rigid.


Kitten Ear Head Harness

These are by far my favorite item that CL has to offer. The harness aspect gives much more of a fetish feel and helps to immediately place you in subspace as a Kitten. These are available in plain colors or more decorative designs as pictured. I feel this style with glitter and Swarovski crystals is quite a statement piece and is very stand out when worn to events. These can also be purchased with Puppy, Pony and Bunny ears.


  • The harness is very comfortable and causes no discomfort at all.
  • They are very secure and so can be worn without fear of them coming off during play or events- I have worn these on nights out and danced for hours with no problem!
  • The size is adjusted with a buckle at the back meaning that you can fit these over any hairstyle and hoods.
  • I have been unfortunate enough to get caught in the rain while wearing these and the glitter did not come off- I am very impressed!


  • The ear position cannot be adjusted however they are already very well placed.


Crystal Collar

Absolutely eye catching, don’t you think?

I had my eye on CL collars for  very long time before I was able to purchase on for myself and I can tell you that the wait was worth it! The leather used is soft enough to have good flexibility and cause no irritation to your neck. Although the leather is soft it is also very sturdy and hard wearing. I have worn this collar at every opportunity for the last 6 months and there is no sign of wear and tear yet or any crystal fall out. The crystals used reflect the light so beautifully and are a very attention-grabbing addition. CL offers a choice of size options for their collars and they are also adjustable, with a buckle closure.


  • Sizes available to fit all neck sizes.
  • High quality and hard wearing without sacrificing comfort or.
  • Suitable for everyday wear as this style of collar can be worn as a choker in public


  • None!


Ordering Custom items

Ordering made to measure and custom pieces from CL could not be easier. I write this on 1st April 2020 , in the early hours of this Morning I had sent a message via Etsy to request a set of custom cuffs to match my collar and a pair of custom head band ears with purple glitter. Vic was very quick to respond and after confirming my specifications and wrist size, a listing has already been created by 4pm the same day! Communication from CL was very clear and estimated delivery is in just 1 week. I cannot wait to receive my new pieces.

Overall Ceremony Leather are a great shop in terms of quality, variety and customer service. Their items are well worth the investment for yourself or as gifts…. imagine being presented with a custom Swarovski collar made especially for you! Vic has struck a great balance between fetish wear and luxury accessories! I look forward to seeing what designs they think up next!

Happy shopping  ^^


Please find their social media and shop links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ceremonyleather/

Website: http://www.ceremonyleather.com/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CeremonyLeather


15 thoughts on “Ceremony Leather: Ears and Collar review”

  1. Toxic Toxic says:

    Great review. The ears are cute. I might have to order a pair. I love how you went in to detail and gave an honest review.

  2. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

    Very detailed and helpful! Thank you for the wonderful write up!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Thanks Anne. I’ve been really enjoying the opportunity to write reviews

      Thanks Anne! I hope that it answers any questions that people might have about this store and takes new people her way that might not have necessarily shopped with her

  3. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    I am a big fan of all things sparkly!! I will check them out for glitter ears and the collar. Thank you for the review.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      She offers so may different gem sizes and colours for the collars, plus you can go thicker and get even more rows of gems if wanted….think of the shiniest, most bling collar imaginable and I am sure that Vic can make it!

  4. Lovely review! I have bought a number of pieces from Ceremony Leather in the past and definitely agree that their quality is amazing!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I know so many people with pieces from CL that they adore, so I was surprised to not have seen a write up yet. I actually found put about them from a youtube review quite some years ago that another chateau kitten did when CL was still called ‘Tiggers collars’

  5. Erikarae Erikarae says:

    These are so unique and beautifully made! Thank you for sharing ❤️ I haven’t seen leather ears before and I love them! Also the collar is seriously to die for lol.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I adore all of her creations, especially her ears, The leather is much more me than the faux fur styles

  6. Erikarae Erikarae says:

    I think the leather really does suit you very well! They match your aesthetic ❤️

  7. Super cool. I always want to learn more about the kitten gear that’s available.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      There’s so much that isn’t seemingly popular, but a choice nonetheless, such and non fluffy ears for example. I have a few more other types of gear in mind that I can not wait to write about

      1. I’m glad, while I love the look of fluffy ears, I don’t feel responsible enough to own and care for them. I like metal better.

        I can’t wait to read your article!

  8. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    I feel that is something not mentioned enough- fluffy ears are hard to take care of, especially if extra floofy! You need space to store them in a way that keeps the protected.

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