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Club overview and my 1st time


Club AntiChrist (AC) is one of my favourite nights out in the capital. I can still remember my 1st time attending. I was 19 years old and unfortunately my circle of friends at the time had no interest in visiting any clubs that had a semblance of an alternative or kink crowd. I bought a single ticket as a gift to myself for my upcoming 20th Birthday and headed into London full of excitement. The last few days had been spent making myself a mini top had adorned with a rosary, lace and faux crow skull, plus gluing lots of pearls to a bra; just for this event. Back then I was used to having to indulge my interests alone and would also attend the Bizarre Ball without company. The event was AntiChrist’s Steampunk special, March 9th, 2012. Fortunately, around this time, the organisers of AC also ran a social media site called ‘The Alterium’ for people who belonged to any alternative scene. I made a profile and had been chatting to people who already frequented AC, so whilst finding my way around the venue I found people that I recognised. Approaching these familiar faces without hesitation, I walked over to introduce myself and they kindly allowed me to hang on to their coattails for the evening. I am still in touch with members of the website to this day.

The event is usually held bimonthly or every 3 months and it is so worth the wait! The organisers of AC have struck the perfect balance between a dance club and fetish party. With so much to do at the club there is something for everyone whether you just want to dance, enjoy live music, enjoy the dungeon equipment or see incredible acts. There is a huge assortment of entertainment!  I have seen some exciting and memorable performances such as band Zeitgeist Zero, Satan’s strip show, pole dancers, live body suspensions, cabaret, Fetish acts and so much more. Antichrist’s atmosphere is always buzzing as the club draws in a varied and interesting crowd.  Each event will have a theme set that you can dress to, however it is not mandatory; past themes have included medical fetish, Steampunk and of course Vampiric attire at their Vampire Balls.

Club dress code

AC strictly enforces an alternative dress code.  Any casual clothing, street wear, denim, business suits and trainers are not allowed. If you would like to wear a suit then you can go for rubber, Steampunk, Vampire etc. The rule is ‘no effort, no entry’. Almost anything is welcome as long as it is alternative, from Goth, Punk, Lolita, Rubber, PVC and other Fetish wear- the possibilities are endless and you can get very creative with your outfit. For me, one of my favourite things about AC is admiring other people’s garments. I have seen everything from chainmail and armour through to full latex catsuits, extravagant period gowns or very skimpy lingerie. Nudity is allowed, however some effort must still be made, such as body paint for example. Weapons of any kind whether real, replica or cosplay are not allowed. The club does allow military uniforms, however will not accept any Nazi uniforms, insignia, badges or accessories of any kind.

Rooms & Music

Dance rooms: There are three main rooms, each of which plays certain genres of music. If like me, you cannot dance; never fear because everyone just lets loose. You will catch me in any of the 3 rooms with my hands in the air; way above my head…it’s basically me flailing but nobody stares, laughs or gives me a hard time for my lack of moves. Of the three rooms, my favourite is the Hellfire room by far as I am a fan of Industrial…even if I will never learn how to dance to it .

  • The Hellfire Room: Goth/Alt, 80’s, Post Punk and Industrial Metal
  • Pure Fucking Industrial (The PFI Room): Techno Body Music (TBM), Futurepop and Dark Electro
  • The Hole: Metal and Hard Dance

The Theatre of Sin: This is where all of the performances and live music happens. Be sure to check the performance times and get to the room early as you’ll find yourself watching from the back if you wait too long. The performers are always spectacular and the room can get full very fast.

The Dungeon: This room is exactly as it sounds, a play area filled with dungeon equipment and a viewing area for those who prefer to be a voyeur. The house Domme and dungeon monitors are always on hand and you will find Dungeon specific rules posted on the walls- be sure to read them even if entering just to watch.

Facilities: As you would expect, there are always bathrooms, a smoking area and bars at both venues (AC is currently held at 2 venues, more info below). There is usually also hot food available to- the burgers at Electrowerkz are cooked on an indoor BBQ and are some of the best that you will ever try. Fries and Veggie options are also available.

Club rules

The club staff and security do a very good job of enforcing the rules and keeping patrons safe, I have taken the below directly from their website in order to avoid misrepresenting any rules:

  • No cameras. Official photographers will wear press badges.
  • AntiChrist and their hired venues have a strict no drugs policy.
  • No (solo) masturbation. If you are caught doing this, you will be ejected from the club with no refund. It is not consensual.
  • No food or drink to be brought into the venue- this is a venue rule.
  • Non-consensual activity is never OK at AC, it will get you thrown out or barred for life. (e.g touching someone without being asked/given consent).
  • If you experience any issues at the club then simply approach a member of staff for assistance.

The Venues

Fire: One of London’s leading event venues situated under Vauxhall Railways arches. There are bars both indoors and outside, a series of large rooms, plus lots of outside seating which is heated and sheltered. Fire is most definitely geared towards a party crowd.

Accessibility: At this venue most of the ground floor is wheelchair accessible, however there is 1 bar, much of the outdoor seating and the dungeon area that are not wheelchair friendly. Unfortunately there is no accessible toilet at this venue.

Location: 39 Parry Street, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT

Electrowerkz: Also known as Islington Metal works; this is a 3 story venue with a lot of character. This building is primarily used as a wedding venue, however is also known for hosting gigs and some of London’s leading alternative night life, such as AC and Slimelight. The aesthetics of this venue contribute to the atmosphere with a very industrial feel- there is a lot of bare brickwork, exposed pipes and even cobbles on the ground floor (be careful with heels here!) Electrowerkz is a late 19th century, Victorian building, and was initially used to house transport horses, however was later converted into a metal works. The ground floor bar is an old London underground train carriage.

Accessibility:  The ground floor of Electrowerkz is accessible by wheelchair; however there are no lifts or ramps up to levels 2 and 3. Wheelchair users will have access to the Dungeon, the Hellfire room, the cobbled seating area, the indoor BBQ, the carriage bar and the outdoor smoking area. If you are a wheelchair user and would like to attend AC at this venue, the organisers will offer you a free ticket in way of apology for not being able to access the performances and dance rooms on the other floors.

Location: 7 Torrens Street, The Angel, London, EC1V 1NQ

Upcoming Dates

  • Fri June 26th – AntiChrist’s 15th Birthday Party
  • Friday August 28th – Vampire Ball
  • Friday October 28th – Halloween Party
  • Saturday January 2nd – Not NyeParty

Event tickets can be purchased via the website or at the door on the night.

Downright deviant and gloriously goth” – The Guardian

Surely the most sinful way to spend your weekend” – Time Out

Colourful, vibrant and accessible” – Skin Two magazine

Instagram & Twitter  @clubantichrist

DISCLAIMER: This event is not directly associated with nor an official event by The Chateau.


51 thoughts on “Club AntiChrist – Industrial, Fetish, Gothic, MAYHEM”

  1. November November says:

    What an amazing time it sounds like you had! I must go to the UK for one of these!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      It is a blast- If you do, hit me up! I have tried to get other kittens there before but with no luck !

      1. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

        I have never been to AC. But I have been to Slimelight at Electrowerks and enjoyed it. If nightclubs ever re-open properly I will try to go to AC. I appreciate live events more now they don’t hold them. I really miss them. My favourite club is TG, though. I love all the latex and shows.

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          I need to get myself to slimelight! I am hopeful for the clubs to reopen in 2021 thought I am sure new years eve is a write off . We will have all the more fun after such a wait!

  2. says:

    Defenz Mechanism that’s her name

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Thanks! I have seen images of her a lot, I just never knew her name . Going to have a google now <3

  3. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    This place seems amazing. It’s definitely going on my list of places to visit when I finally make it across the pond.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Ofc I recommend! I would so lone to organise a kitty night out here. I had previously tried but it didn’t work out, will have to try again!

  4. Toxic Toxic says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!

  5. VelourNoir VelourNoir says:

    Uhmmm f*ck yeah !!! Can I go !!

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