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Dating back to November 2016, I stumbled upon The Chateau online. At the time, I was newly introduced to kittenplay. I recall the moment someone showed me pictures of cat girls who are into kittenplay and my reaction was, “Wow, I didn’t know ‘my thing’ is actually a thing that people not only do but live as a lifestyle!” I didn’t feel so alone nor peculiar. For a while, I thought it was silly for someone to imitate feline characteristics, I thought I was being ridiculous for doing it.

When I was searching for kittenplay to learn more about it, The Chateau came up. My initial reaction upon seeing the pictures was, “They’re all so beautiful. I want to be like them, I want to be one of them!” Lucky for me, I was already doing modeling with my cat ears, so I already had professionally-taken photos to be sent for my application.

Two of my application photos:

January 16, 2017, I got accepted in The Chateau! I was reading my emails in bed and I literally jumped as I was so excited and happy! Being in Southeast Asia, I am very far away from everyone in The Chateau, but being published on the magazine, being part of the Facebook group, I didn’t feel so left out. While everything is online, I still felt I belonged somewhere, and I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

It was also an honor to be granted two issue covers! I honestly have never imagined I would get one when I joined The Chateau! After 20+ published photosets, 2 magazine covers, Isibella gave me such wonderful news in August 2019 that I’ve been selected to be an Amethyst Precious Level kitten! She sent me the beautiful Chateau collars and cuffs set in gold with amethyst-colored crystals. To be honest, I didn’t fancy purple before, but it looked so beautiful on gold… and it’s also my Master’s favorite color.

Sultry Kitten Anne MiYu

Watch this video of Anne MiYu’s debut as a Precious Level Amethyst kitten, featuring the ever elegant official Chateau golden collar with authentic Swarovski crystals, golden tag with the logo, and the latest merch not yet released to the public, cuffs in gold! Check the entire photoset here:

Posted by The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor on Monday, December 2, 2019

Right now, I’ve only met Ruby Nyx in person, when she dropped by Asia for a vacation. She was beautiful, kind, sweet, and just amazing! We spent the evening having a photoshoot, then the next morning, we went for a swim in the hotel, had some fun talk in the sauna. Click on the photos to view the photosets we collaborated on. I miss her and I wish for us to meet again! I know one day, our paths will cross again, as it is in my bucketlist to go to Colorado and visit The Chateau!


Recently, I also heard incredible news that the gorgeous Claudia Rylie will be going around Asia and she is dropping by my country, and I’ll finally meet not only another Chateau kitten, but one I’ve looked up to all these years! I’m so excited, but also nervous as I want to make sure she has a good time during her visit! But I know there is nothing to worry about — I’ve heard of so many good things about her.

So, if any of you happens to drop by the Philippines and/or Singapore, let me know! I’d love to meet more kittens and Gents!

Continuing on my journey in The Chateau, I started from dreaming of being one of the kittens, to working hard and earned the Precious Level, to now given trust to redesign, improve, and maintain the website! While it takes work to voluntarily help out in The Chateau, and there are times when I feel low as it’s not easy handling issues of dozens of kittens simultaneously, at the end of the day, it’s still a family I consider — one I’ve always wanted to belong. To all the kittens who I’ve interacted with, thank you and I cannot wait to meet you one day. I don’t know when that will be, but I know that day shall come.

With love,
Your Asian kitten


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