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I have been thinking about writing this article for a few weeks, however it seems like right now has become the most relevant time. Does COVID-19 have you isolating? Well Kitten, the transition into a lap cat or indoor pet may prove enjoyable with a few simple activities.


If Isolating with your Owner(s).

1. As Kittens/pets of course we love and are used to all the attention being directed at us, to be adored and receiving all the strokes and head pats however since isolation is stressful and a trying time for both owner and pet, consider service. For an agreed period, you can act as a service submissive for your owner to any extent that you negotiate. Some ideas are:

    • Allow your owner to utilize you as a household item/furniture, this is known as Forniphillia. You could serve as a footrest, drinks table, chair and much more. You will find that restraints can very easily be incorporated to add a new dimension to this. Forniphillia does not require nudity however is another way to enjoy this practice.
    • Play ‘fetch’ and prepare snacks or drinks as and when your owner commands.
    • Keep them warm and curl up on your owners’ feet while they watch their favorite show.


2. Complete house chores in return for treats and rewards. We all have one or two projects at home that need finishing, or some things in need of organisation. Isolation could offer the opportunity to make time for these, plus earning rewards provides a desirable incentive!


3. Play ‘treat hide and seek’. Allow 10 treats to be hidden around your home, then set a timer for 5 minutes. You have those 5 minutes to seek out your treats. When the time is up you will be allowed to eat all treats uncovered, however, for each treat not found, you will receive a punishment. Punishments should be agreed ahead of the game commencing.


4. Many Kittens and other pets do not speak when in ‘pet space’. Now could be an opportunity to try this out, or if already doing so; you could further practice your nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication could be in the form and different animalistic sounds to relay certain feelings or moods such as:

    • Meows, hisses and purring,
    • Hand signals from owner to pet.
    • Different stances or ways of positioning the body from pet to owner.


Hand signals and body positions can prove helpful when in public and not wanting  to speak, be overheard or if you simply cannot hear…loud bars, clubs, if gagged etc. Perhaps you want to communicate without others knowing what is being said, for example agree signs for: please master/owner/alpha, thank you, good girl, bad girl etc…stealth pet play! This means that you can communicate things in public without involving anyone outside of your dynamic. I do not recommend learning ASL/BSL (sign language) as anyone in public who can understand sign will be involved without consent.




If isolating alone:

1. POSE, POSE POSE! Take some selfies, there are so many reasons:

    • Give yourself a boost and feel gorgeous! Put on your favorite lingerie, outfits and pet gear. Taking pics just for yourself is fun.
    • Take some stunning selfies to send to your owner and/or friends. They will thank you for it.
    • Create some content to brighten social media feeds. Give your followers something to view while they are also stuck at home. It is also a good idea to take enough to have content to release in future to keep your feeds active.
    • Already a Chateau Kitten or wanting to apply? Practice those poses and expressions in the mirror, this helps a lot with future shoots and finding the right poses for you whether submitting as a model or for applicant photos. You might feel silly, but you will thank yourself for taking the time to practice.


2. Practice your tail swish! This is not a drill Kittens. Is there anything cuter than booty wiggles and tail swishes…? No answer required. Dance around the house, flick that tail and wiggle your hips; watch yourself in the mirror and you will find a whole new level of appreciation for your body and how it moves.


3. Reach out to other people, isolation can be mentally tough . Stay in touch with your friends and community by video call, phone call, text or social media. Many of us are finding this time extremely lonely. There are also some of us who are not as sociable and might enjoy the opportunity to stay home without the pressure socialize. Just remember, although our introverted friends will be enjoying the break from forced social situations like work or group activities, they still do not want to be forgotten. Instead of calling for a long conversation there are many things that you can do with minimal chit chat:

    • Draw your favorite pics of each other in gear or perhaps with feline/pet bodies. These can be shared via social media or WhatsApp etc.
    • Draw pet play themed coloring pages to send to friends or make them free online for others in isolation.
    • Write pet play themed short stories, poems or fan fiction.


4. Self-care sessions. If you are in isolation you might find that you have more free time, even if working from home. Let’s say that you usually spend 30 minutes travelling to work, instead use that time to take a bath, listen to music, have a lay in, meditate etc.


Image credits:
Selfies are Violet’s own @violet.neko_ (Instagram)
‘Catfish’ sketch of Violet by I D Snagg @colormyflaws (Instagram)


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    These are great suggestions. Mister and I are working to integrate more BDSM into our daily lives and this will be helpful.

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    These are amazing! Thank you f0r sharing. I’ll have to do some of these 🙂

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