Ladurée Macaron Store Paris


Ladurée is probably the most famous of all the macaron stores in the world, and the trademark for the most luxurious delights on the market. It was first created in 1862 and has been going strong ever since, recently made popular by films such as Marie Antoinette and luxury blogs on tumblr. Any cat girl should visit Ladurée at least once in her life! The most famous of the stores is it’s home in Paris. Did you know the original store actually burnt down and was painstakingly recrafted only a few years ago? It sits along the famous Champs-Elysees, though there are also stores in locations such as soho London and Harrods.


Below I will show you exterior and interior shots of the Paris location, enjoy!

800px-Laduree-champselyseesLadurée Champs-Elysées




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