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Have you brought in the new year like every other year, or are you making changes for yourself this year by changing your habits whether it be breaking the new year new you goals or creating new memories? The new year is a very important time for some. My family celebrates Yule, where we rejoice from the 21st of December, to the 1st of January, this is the Winter Solstice and we believe that what we bring in during this time is how the year will reflect in turn. This doesn’t necessarily mean making goals for ourselves or completing tasks, but instead focusing on what we would like changed and actually doing those tasks.

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The new year means different things to many. Some people usher it in with parties, some like to watch the ball drop, others simply don’t care and stay home thinking its just another day. For us the new year is simply being with family, keeping our space picked up and clean and minding our home and space. See, its not a time for parties, it never really was for me growing up even, but its a time for me to be comfortable and safe, because in the end that’s truly what I want to usher in all throughout the next year. Comfort, family, safe spaces and self care are what I want to usher in for the new year.

Since the pandemic, we have forgotten a lot of things, we are slowly coming back to terms of how we used to live all rushed and fast and are starting to forget the little things that made us smile when we depended on ourselves. This new year is a perfect time to focus on not only a new you, but a whole you. Showing yourself just who you truly are, reimagining life how you used to want it to be when you were a child growing up, make that child happy and proud to see who you are!

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  1. KittenLavire
    KittenLavire says:

    I’m appreciative of your reflections during the time of the new year and otherwise. While I work on putting new habits and goals into practice year round, I tend to enjoy asking my loved ones about their goals for the year around this time. I hope you had the merriest of Yules with your family and are making the most of the new year so far!

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  2. A_Kitty_A
    A_Kitty_A says:

    This is a thought provoking article. It’s definitely a strange experience getting back into the swing of post lockdown living. I doubt things can or will go back to how they were before. Everything feels familiar, yet different. It’s quite strange. I think people are friendlier than they were before. Yet more shy and unsure of themselves.

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