Skincare à la Mode: Quarantine Edition

     The current times find many of us living in a state of uncertainty that has left several things, such as self-care, by the social-distancing curbside. Something as simple as maintaining a skincare routine can not only keep our skin looking and feeling its best, but it can positively impact our mental health and provide a feeling of normalcy.

     Here are a few ways you can update or improve your skincare routine while quarantining or social-distancing;

Slather on that SPF

     All this time indoors means you don’t need an SPF anymore, right? Surprisingly, the benefits of SPF apply even when we are spending the majority of our time indoors. UV damage can still occur while at home through natural lighting from windows and doors. This can be amplified due to the season, or for those of us who aren’t accustomed to staying home as often, as we aim to keep the curtains drawn and windows open as much as possible.

     A moisturizer fit for your skin type with added SPF can be applied in the morning, so you don’t forget this essential step. 

Skip the Cleanser… Sort Of

     Applying an SPF in the morning means evening cleansing is essential; and a gentle double cleanse can break through both mineral and chemical style sunscreens. Morning cleansing, on the other hand, may be an optional step for some. Try opting for a cleansing water instead of the usual foam or cream cleanser; or just freshen up with a splash of water and skip your morning cleanse all together.

     You’ll want to keep your morning cleanse if your skin is on the combination to oily side, if you are acne prone, or have more sensitive skin; as sudden changes to routine can irritate or otherwise upset your skin. 


     Moisturizing your skin is an essential step to any routine, especially while we are spending more time indoors. The recirculated air in many homes can be very dry; especially for those of us emerging from what feels like a relentless winter. Try checking the humidity in your home and introduce a humidifier alongside a moisturizer fit for your skin type. This can amplify the benefits of your moisturizer, as well as benefit your hair and body.

     With the gift of extra time, try to track your water intake and moisturize your body daily to keep every inch of you soft and hydrated.

I’ve personally been adding The Ordinary’s Rosehip Seed Oil to my face and hair alongside my regular moisturizer for a light, calming hydration boost. 

Add Variety With Masks and Exfoliators

     A great way to spice up your routine is the addition of a mask or exfoliating treatment. These can help tackle some specific skincare concerns like brightening, lifting and firming or deep cleansing and purifying. A moisturizing or nourishing mask can be introduced to give your skin a mid week boost. If you’re working from home or self-isolating, try using your mask mid-afternoon as a little mood elevating delight.

     For anyone with more time to devote to skincare, the addition of an exfoliator can really boost your existing skincare regimen.  Plus, who doesn’t love soft and glowing skin?

     Try applying your favourite moisturizing facial mask to the backs of your hands for an extra treat. Hands and cuticles can get dry and cracked easily with frequent hand washing or sanitizing. 

Be Wary of Idle Hands

     Skincare can easily be overdone when we are bored, which can counteract the intended effects. Loading your skin with new steps and products can overwhelm skin, resulting in irritation or breakouts. Try to pre-plan your skincare routine for the week and stick to it; you can always make alterations each week based on what worked for you and what didn’t, but this can help keep you from overloading your skin and burning through your products quicker than intended.

     In addition to pre-planning your weekly routine, slowing down each step can prove beneficial. When cleansing or moisturizing, add in a mini facial massage and work the product around for 30 to 45 seconds. Try using a facial roller throughout the day for a little added pampering – a cold facial roller kept in the fridge can refresh tired or puffy skin.

I personally love slowing down my routine and taking my time; gently massaging my eye area with Sulwhasoo’s Bloomstay Eye Cream and the provided tool – which I keep in the fridge. 

     Hopefully these tips help your skin look and feel its best while you spend more time indoors! Feel free to share your favourite skincare products, or tips that work wonders for your skin in the comments below! 

**Please note that the above article was not written with the intention of minimizing the current pandemic, and the crippling panic many people are grappling with daily. For updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, and for information on how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe, regularly consult with the World Health Organization and the Centre for Disease Control.**

Stay Safe,
Lady Scynestra, the Vamp in Wolf Clothing.

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  1. TiffanyBelle
    TiffanyBelle says:

    I love that you mentioned slowing down. Skin care can be so mindful. Lovely article! I’m also a fan of rose hip seed oil. I have little petals in mine, it looks so cute. I’m interested in the facial roller, I don’t have one but the idea of it being in the fridge is so good! Maybe it’s time to invest in one

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    • Scynestra
      Scynestra says:

      Thank you love! I find its a nice opportunity to start and end your day with some self-care. <3 The oil with little petals in it sounds adorable, and something that would look awesome on a vanity! You could check Etsy, I found a gorgeous one that isn't the standard green jade or rose quartz. Some are reasonably priced as well, last time I checked (might have changed now, hah).

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