The Benefits of Transitioning Back Outdoors ~ Kitten Style

It’s important you keep a schedule of self-care!

Get outside when you can!!! Make sure you are not socially isolating when social distancing, meditate, and most importantly be kind to yourself. Have compassion and be patient with yourself. Our old ways of socializing and navigating through life are gone for now. REMEMBER! HEY- BE VERY patient with yourself as you adapt to this new normal. A way I have found to ease the stress of COVID-19 is getting into the fresh outdoors safely. During our months of sheltering in place, we’ve taken a crash course in staying safe from the virus: wearing masks in public, washing our hands, wiping down counters frequently, refraining from touching our faces ect— Now I would like to take a small crash course of the great outdoors with the knowledge I have gathered from only a few trips. Learning what you can find and use outside is EXCITING!!!!!!! I will probably be learning forever!

This MAY help you find a level of comfort because you are doing your best to keep yourself and your family healthy. People tend to feel better when we are being active in our own safety and security So much of our anxiety I BELIEVE comes from a place of losing control, so you have to take control when you can and WANT!!!!

OUTSIDE- I can ignore those who do not follow the distancing regulations in close proximity due to my fears.  In this trip, I ventured out with Dorian Gray and Erika Rae whom I have been quarantined with. It was nice to take the mask off for a bit alone in the outdoors and inhale the fresh air and be able to experience all the new smells. As we walked I began learning via Dorian what the plants where and how they could be used. Actually, many of our local North America evergreen saps can be used as incense in exactly the same way as Frankincense and Myrrh, Mastic, and Copal oleoresins. They provide high-quality aromatic material for perfume, incense, and medicine.

For example! LOOK for the oooooozing trees

This tree was gifting resin puuuur! Thanks, tree!


This resin can be collected to make incense to bring the forest home!
Pictured above are pine and fir resin!


Aromatherapy benefits
    • manage pain.
    • improve sleep quality.
    • reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety.
    • soothe sore joints.
    • treat headaches and migraines.
    • alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.
    • ease discomforts of labor.
    • fight bacteria, virus, or fungus


HEY–REMEMBER—When using charcoal disks or any other burnable make sure to use non-flammable dishes, bowls, or plates or and a little bit of sand or small pebbles work really well as a base for the charcoal disk !!!!!!

One of the easiest ways of lighting the charcoal disk is by using a candle and tongs. …

  1. Hold the disk’s bottom over the flame until it starts to crackle, then do the same to the top. …
  2. The resin and dust melt and then burn, creating a cloud of smoke that is amazingly light and intoxicating.


For perfume applications-  These oleoresins are distilled via steam or water to extract their essential oils. They yield a high percent of good quality essential oils and a much greater proportion of essential oil to raw material than when distilling essential oils from the tree’s needles.  I will try to get a post up in the next couple of weeks showing how to distill your own essential oils from these wonderfully fragrant local tree saps. Promise!

After our hiking around Estas Park, we ventured to the Stanley Hotel. The property has many wild animals! Being able to say hello to many deer, climbing rocks, and collecting smells for my aromatherapy really helped ease the stress of the last few months and I highly recommend trying it!



Catching the sunset has been one of my new favorite hobbies. I love to find the puuuurfect spot, snack, stuffie, and blanket to watch the colors! Being able to pop a bottle of champagne and discuss life with my favorite people really seemed to slow time. Watching the sunlight fade helps me remember a new day is coming with exciting opportunities. I can remember that truly I can only control my actions and not those around me and just to simply be.


Sources– where you can travel to learn more and in-depth incense coil burning

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  1. Kiurym
    Kiurym says:

    This is such a lovely article! I’m definitely a supporter of aromatherapy and it’s great to know additional all-natural components I can locate and bring home for it!

      • darkcrystal
        darkcrystal says:

        I agree I usually kneel and stay low so I seem more submissive to them,I’m very tall 5,10ft so I kneel to nature otherwise I just feel bad and they run off but my kneeling has got me to petting range of a deer 🙂 it was beautiful

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