The Chateau Girls Visit Sucre Macaron Store!

The Chateau girls made a guest appearance at Sucre Macaron store in New Orleans last weekend. We actually have reviewed Sucre previously in the magazine during our September issue that you can read here.

But it was a pleasure to actually go there in person with so many of the girls! We all dressed up in cute french maid uniforms and got to try many different flavors of macarons, our favorites being the unique Absinthe Macaron that only Sucre makes, and the delicious banana fosters! The girls also got to visit the upstairs champagne bar that is also owned by Sucre and sample different champagnes as well as having many photo opportunities! We are very thankful to Sucre for allowing us to be there, if you are looking to purchase some delicious Sucre macarons which we highly suggest, you can get them here!

Below I will post pictures from the event, please enjoy!



Models left to right: Lilith Serpentine, Skylark, Cyn, Claudia Rylie



Models left to right: Cashmere Kitten, Lilith Serpentine, Skylark, Cyn, Claudia Rylie, M Kitteh, and Casey Marie



Selfie Claudia took in the car on the way there!



Delicious chocolate mousse in a perfect kitten shaped tin, ideal for any kitten girl! Lilith Serpentine was particularly fond of this dish and said it tasted great!



Of course it wasn’t long before the girls discovered the Champagne bar upstairs!



Skylark and Cyn at the bar, you can guess where this is going!



Soon it was decided that Miss Claudia needed a good cleaning!


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.01.40 PM

One last group shot outside the sore with our guest butler Danny in tow. Fun fact, New Orleans can reach such extremes in humidity that often it can be impossible for photographers to take pictures outside without their lens steaming up!


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.07.20 PM

And away the Maid brigade goes, onto it’s next kitten adventure in New Orleans!

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