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Our family here at the Chateau has become a huge, international community. Though the Chateau itself is nestled beside woodland in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, our models are far and wide as we continue to expand. Our founder, Isibella Karnstein herself, originally hails from England.

Since joining the Chateau and having the pleasure of meeting some of my sisters face to face, I have thoroughly enjoyed the support and friendship that it has bought my way. I have never celebrated myself so much as a Kitten, as I have since joining the world of the Chateau.

I am so grateful for this extraordinary group of women and proud to be part of it. I have written this article highlighting some of our UK Kittens in way of celebration and thanks for their sisterhood.


Tiffany Belle

Spoilt, pedigree puss. Lesbian, poly, lover of bubble baths, art, good food and friends. I practice yoga, go on woodland doggie walks daily, and enjoy travel when I can. In my spare time, I love to draw, cook (usually Asian style foods) and take care of my many animals. I watched the Chateau from the side-lines for a long time before I joined. I was always a bit conflicted with the kitten title as I don’t identify as a submissive, which I assumed was part and parcel, but have since found there are many ways to be a kitten. I finally applied to the Chateau, and was accepted in June 2018. The same year I started my ear and tail shop, named ‘Kitten therapy shop’. I’d always been interested in neko styles, but in 2018 I feel I really embraced and had finally started to accept myself and my quirky interests. I have since been to more pet events and made so many new friends through this community and hope that I can continue to do that, and grow.


  • Describe your Kitten self in 3 words

Curious, elegant, cuddly

  • What helps you to best get into Kitten space?

Wearing long fluffy tails, the tinkle noise on collar bells or jingle balls and warm milk with cinnamon.

  • What breed(s) of Cat do you most identify with and why?

The breeds I most identify with are the British long hair and Persian chinchilla. Both are high maintenance coat breeds, who are lazy, sweet natured cuddle bugs. These breeds are not too active but still playful, they are cats who just want to curl up and be spoilt.

Kitten Instagram: @kitten_tiffanybelle

Shop Instagram: @kittentherapyshop






Violet Neko

I am loud, playful and excitable kitten whose interests are crafting, fetish wear and the petplay community as a whole.  I love meeting other Kittens, different Pets (especially Pups) and Furries too! Having always had an interest in making and customising clothing, I consider myself to be a skilled seamstress however, my favourite garments are always latex! I also enjoy making jewellery, collars and restraints. In 2019 I created United Petdom, a UK based group which aims to connect pets and like minded people through meet ups and events. I like to take charge in everyday life; however, in Kitten space I am submissive. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of letting go, being cared for and adored by my Master.


  • What about the Chateau community inspires you?

Most of all I love the range of people, each Kitten is so unique and has so much to offer. I am always intrigued by other Kittens and want to learn about the interests and skill sets of my sisters. We are diverse in every way. Though we have much in common, no two kittens are the same. I have learned a great deal from this community. The story of the Chateau itself and how much Isibella has developed this concept over the last 5 years is also very inspiring. I often think to myself that this started as just an idea, actions were taken to make it real and it has come to fruition…  This offers me the courage to believe that I can also achieve great things with my personal goals.

  • Are you open about being a Kitten to people outside of the Chateau?

For the most part yes, however in life, no matter the subject; it is important to know your audience. My mother and Sister know about the Chateau and my wider involvement within the Petplay community, thankfully they are open minded and my biggest cheerleaders.  Those that I keep my Kitten life private from are employers, extended family and my Master’s family.  Though not true for everyone, for me personally, it has always been best to separate my kink/BDSM interests from work.

  • What has been your best experience within the Chateau so far?

Meeting some of my Chateau sisters in person has been great fun and has sincerely enriched my life. I have met a handful of our UK sisters and we regularly keep in touch. These ladies are little beacons of light and their sisterhood is very valuable to me. I have also met two Kittens from overseas last year. I was able to meet Canadian Kitten Claudia Rylie when she visited London where we visited a pub and spent time chatting and laughing as the time flew by.  I also had the pleasure of spending time with Martha Marie, a Kitten from Texas. We shared a very British Picnic on the beautiful grounds of the Four Seasons as we laughed at how wrong British stereotypes are of Texas and vice versa. I wish both meetings could have stretched for many more hours!

Kitten Instagram: @violet.neko_

United Petdom Instagram: @united.petdom







Hi! I’m Peach and I’m a 22 year old kitten from the south of England. I love the outdoors, enjoy going for long walks in the countryside, and in the last couple of years I have been learning how to sail. My other hobbies and interests include crafting, gaming and watching anime. I own a 1 year old lovebird called Melon who commands a lot of my time! I also keep marine fish, as I have been fascinated by the ocean my whole life


  • When did you 1st discover kittenplay and how?

I had just turned 18 when I came across a video on YouTube talking about kittenplay. I’d never heard of it before, but the further through the video I got the more I realised just how much is resonated with me! I ended up watching many more videos and reading a number of articles before bringing it up with my partner, who loved the idea too. This was also the time I first discovered Isibella, and thus the Chateau, as I watched through most of the videos on her channel during my research.

  • What do you enjoy the most about Kittenplay?

For me personally, I love that it gives me an outlet to be the perfect mix of a cute submissive pet, and also a brat! It works so perfectly in my relationship. I also love the “cosy” feeling I get from kittenplay, as some of my favourite activities include making comfy areas to nap in, as well as cuddling up with my Master and getting head-pats.

  • What do you like about the online kitten community?

I wasn’t particularly active in the online community until recently, as even though I joined the Chateau last year, I only very recently began regularly speaking with other kittens. What I love, however, is that we are all able to bond over a common love of a particularly niche topic, which for me has made it easier to build close friendships.

Kitten Instagram: @peach.k.itten







Alternative, awkward, artistic and a kind of nerdy kitten who is also a fox. I have a creative flare and enjoy making art in various forms such as drawing and tattooing. I’m currently a tattoo apprentice (and yes, I draw lots of cat girls!).


  • What is your favourite type of Ear and Tail?

The fluffier, the better!! I don’t identify with a certain kitten breed so I have loads of different coloured gear from a variety of stores, but I am naturally very drawn to greys. I also identify as a fox, and think red fox sets are absolutely adorable. Long fluffy tails are my preference, because they’re more fun to wiggle with!

  • How long have you been interested in kittenplay?

I have been interested in kittenplay since 2014, and I joined The Chateau less than a year after discovering it.

  • What is your favourite thing to do in Kitten space?

I am an extremely needy, affectionate kitten! I just love to curl up, be cuddled and  I also love to have a good tail wiggle to get some attention too!

Kitten Instagram: @kyra.kit

Tattoo instagram: @blazeinruinstattoo







Tiny Kitten

I love to cook and bake. This Kitten also has a passion for reading and writing poetry too. I’m studying ancient history and archaeology at University however I am currently on a gap year.  I have a keen interest in the natural world and had planned to volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in the amazon this summer. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has meant that those plans had to be set aside and so I am currently relaxing while I can before my studies resume.  I enjoy video-games and board games. My drinks of choice would be Wine, Gin and afternoon tea!


  • Congratulations on your successful application Kitten! How did you feel when you found out that you were chosen?

Thank you! I felt really shocked and overwhelmed but excited to be part of the community and be able to get to know people.

  • When did you first discover the Chateau and how?

I’d seen a bunch of Isibella’s videos on YouTube about a year ago and was really interested

  • What made you want to apply?

I got my first pair of ears and loved how they looked and thought I’d just give it a go (I never thought I’d get in, but I thought the experience of applying would be good!)

Kitten Instagram: @tiny.kittenx




Kitten Empress

Meow Meow! My name is Amber, I’m 26 years old and from the East Midlands. My hobbies and interests include figure skating, modelling, crafting, fine dining, anime and playing video games! I love visiting old historic architecture, along with historic art galleries and museums, going for walks along beautiful meadows and enjoying the occasional afternoon tea with friends. I can often be quite a shy, timid and quiet kitten at times, but once I’m in my comfort zone I tend to be more interactive with others I have now been an official Chateau Kitten for 1 year and 8 months!


  • Did you choose your own kitten name or was it given?

I go by ‘KittenEmpress’ within the Chateau as I felt this name really embodies the image of the magazine. At the time of submitting my model application, I really wanted a name that would fit the aesthetic, elegant and glamorous kitten lifestyle that the magazine represents. Outside of the Chateau, my Master                                                                 addresses me as ‘Kitten’.

  • What is your favourite type of collar?

My absolute favourite type of collars to wear are the metal clasp collars. Not only are they comfortable but I absolutely love the elegant, classy and sophisticated look of these collars! I now officially own all my model ranking collars and hope to get my turquoise level collar soon!

  • What would you like to see more of within our community?

The things I would like more within the community would be to have regular meets with the UK Chateau Kittens. Although this isn’t always possible, it would be great to have meets perhaps as often as once a month. I would definitely love to have another picnic or enjoy beautiful, classy, elegant restaurants together. Some other UK Chateau Kittens and I have been talking over WhatsApp and have been discussing a possibility of doing a group photo shoot together! This is another thing I would love to see happen more within our small community. We discussed a couple of shoot ideas, one being at the beach and the other enjoying an afternoon tea in beautiful, Victorian style gowns.

Kitten Instagram: @coruscatingkitten





Rosie Koneko

I am a queer, poly Kitten, with a keen interest in Kink and BDSM. Known for my pink aesthetic, you’ll notice that I am bright…pink hair, pink nails, pink everywhere! This March I launched my own gear shop called Rosies Earsies. I hand make, airbrush and hand trim every pair of ears and create a variety of animals or species types.


  • Welcome to the family! As one of our new Kittens, what advice would you give to other applicants?

My advice would to definitely be patient once you have submitted your application! Isibella and the kitten sisters have their work cut out for them when it comes to looking through applications. It took a couple months to hear back and find out I had been accepted. It was definitely worth the wait

  • Are there any Chateau kittens that you followed before applying, who served as inspiration?

Of course! The first two kittens that I met in person were at MCM Expo/Comic-con in London! I met Chateau sisters Peach.k.itten (@peach.k.itten) and VioletNeko (@violet.neko_); after that I joined the wonderful group for UK pets, United Petdom. It was amazing to finally know other more local kittens and seeing their pages really inspired me to do more in the community.

  • Kittenplay aside, do you identify as any other type of pet?

I mostly identify as a kitten; however, I sometimes find myself in a more canine head space. It hasn’t manifested in shape of any species or breeds, but I loosely associate it with puppy or wolf; depending on whether I am playful or primal.

Kitten Instagram: @rosieskoneko

Shop Instagram: @rosies_earsies


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      1. Darkcrystal Darkcrystal says:

        Hopefully I can meet you all someday ♡

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          Well we are planning a trip to the states next year! Maybe see u in NOLA if you go

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            Are you going to NOLA this year?

            1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

              Not this year, but aiming for 2021

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      Great to see UK Kittens on here. I am still trying to find my way around.

  1. Darkcrystal Darkcrystal says:

    I would seriously love to meet you all at NOLA or an event

  2. Shelbiejlm Shelbiejlm says:

    This was such a cute introduction! We are blessed with the most beautiful Kittens!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Thank you. I love the community that we have at the Chateau and how we each have something unique to bring. There is no other community like us <3 .. or as cute 😉

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    You all are so cute!. Thank you for sharing all of this info 🙂

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    This is a lovely article! I didn’t know Kitten Therapy Shop was a Chateau Kitten owned shop! I will have to contact her!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I have yet to get my hand on some of Tiffany’s creations but I have seen them in person and they are gorgeous!

  5. Neko.Eira Neko.Eira says:

    wooo iam so glad to have joined you guys. Its nice to read this to get to you know all a bit better.

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      Sis, I can not wait to meet you face to face ! Especially if I can attend the group shoot <3

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    Thank you for creating this beautiful bio. I feel so much closer. I can’t wait to be able to meet my beautiful UK sisters

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      We can’t wait to meet you all! I really hope that Covid does not continue well into next year! The aim for us is to be with you all for NOLA

      1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

        That would be wonderful. That’s also an event I’ve been dreaming of going to.

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    Lovely introductions, thank you for sharing more about yourselves. <3

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