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I was lucky enough for my twin sister Zoe, to treat us both to a night at The Crazy Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield, for our 27th Birthday last year and it was by far the most extravagant gift that I have ever received!  Everything about this Hotel screams luxury, opulence and splendour.

Let me take you on a journey through our experience…

A warm welcome

The hotel itself is situated in Beaconsfield’s oldest documented building. The entrance is quite understated, in fact you could easily miss it save for the distinctive wooden doors and a large, carved wooden bear statue. Upon arrival the team at reception greeted us and offered a complimentary glass of Champagne while we were checked in and our luggage was carried to the suite. Shortly after we had settled into our room, a member of staff returned with a bottle of Champagne Cuvée Tsarine, this was also complimentary.

Our Room- Junior Suite 9

The lavish décor of each room really does start right from the doorways, which are covered in quilted, deep purple, crushed velvet with ornate handles. Our room had cream leather flooring and was beautifully furnished. The bed was an ornate Rococo style frame with vibrant upholstery in the head and foot boards, above was a section of mirrored ceiling; perhaps with lovers in mind.  Green velvet pillows were placed on the bed matching the room’s Victorian style sofa in forest green velvet and dark wood. There was a small dining table for two in case of ordering room service. Stood at the foot of our bed was a huge, slipper bath tub. This hotel is known for these baths made from copper and big enough for two, that fill from the ceiling… yes, that’s right, water cascades from the ceiling! The splendour of the interior continues into the bathroom which had a heated floor, mirrored walls in the shower, dark marble surfaces and two copper sinks matching the bath. As with most hotels, toiletries are provided however since the baths are so luxurious you will not want to get out and so I recommend packing bath bombs to elevate the experience that much further.

The hotel bar and Terrace

The hotel bar is utterly extravagant and boasts some very over the top décor. There is more crushed velvet on the furniture upholstery, cushions and curtains. Rococo style chairs and tables painted in silver sit opposite a wall of leather seating. Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling while candles and oil lamps provide additional ambience. Most famously, this area of the hotel has an abundance of exotic taxidermy including a giraffe, zebras, peacocks, colourful parrots and more. The bar is fully stocked, offers a great cocktail menu and over 30 different Champagne choices. If you are a lover of Champagne then you might take advantage of ‘Champagne Wednesdays’ were the hotel offers their full range for half price. It is in the bar that the hotel serves a continental breakfast spread with a variety of breads, cheeses, cereal, cold meats, bakery items, fruit juices and hot beverages.

The Crazy bear also has a beautiful outdoor area with a pool, Jacuzzi, plenty of outdoor seating and sun umbrellas. The Hotel hosts events and parties which make use of this space in the summer. Tickets to their events can be purchased on their website. Between the Bar and Terrace you will find the Moroccan Lounge which is a wonderfully vibrant and relaxing space filled with Middle Eastern style textiles and furnishings.

Overall our stay at the Crazy Bear was comfortable, stylish and unforgettable. It is clear that the Hotel seeks to insert glamour and luxury at every possible opportunity and leave a lasting impression. I assure you, a stay at this hotel will have you wanting to book your next stay immediately. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself or some one else, then this will definitely leave them feeling spoilt.

Amenities and services

  • English and Thai restaurants inside the hotel (You must book tables ahead of arrival)
  • 24 hour room service
  • Free WiFi
  • Free off road parking
  • Wake up service
  • Spa treatments in your room upon request
  • Private rooms for hire to facilitate meetings, functions, and dinner or drinks parties.

While enjoying our stay, we of course took the opportunity to have some photos taken in such a beautiful setting. All images below were taken by Freddie of Nu Perspective Photography.

Hotel website

Nu Perspective Website:

Nu Perspective Instagram

*Photographs not belonging to Nu Perspective are public submissions to TripAdvisor.


35 thoughts on “The Crazy Bear Luxury Hotel”

  1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

    Looks like such a fun hotel to stay at! And omg, you and your twin sister look so gorg! I didn’t know all this time you’re a twin.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      It really was wonderful! I would love to go back and stay in another room, each room here has its own unique decor. Thank you so much Anne x I am trying to orchestrate a time when we are both free to do some Kitten shoots together ^^

      1. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

        This looks like a fun hotel. Gorgeous photos of you and your sister, too.

  2. Lunawhispurr Lunawhispurr says:

    This place looks almost magical! I’m glad you were able to experience it. You and your sister look absolutely gorgeous in those photos (and always). <3

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Thanks Luna! Zoe really spoiled us. They have themed parties, especially over Halloween, I so want to go back for one of those events and get all dressed up, tipsy on Champagne and stay here again

  3. Kiurym Kiurym says:

    Wow! This looks absolutely amazing! All the velvet and champagne~ mmmmmmmm! This will definitely be on my bucket list!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      It was so luxury! I am used to staying in Premier Inns and Air bnb’s , this was an entire different experience to any other hotel that I have stayed in. When you come to England, you must go p.s Groupon will be helpful !

      1. Kiurym Kiurym says:

        Eeeee! I’m sending all this info to my partner! Thank you!

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          A night there with your partner would be amazing!

  4. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

    Wow! What a beautifully elegant hotel. That bath tub is to die for.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I honestly can not believe that both me and my Twin fit in there together 😛 I just about fit the tub at home on my own!

      1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

        Wow! I love large bath tubs. I truly enjoy to speak multiple times a week. Bath tub’s are their own aesthetics.

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          They really are ! I really want to do a bubble bath shoot and a milk bath..but I am not sure if they’ve been overdone – can u over do these themes ? 😛

          1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

            I honestly don’t know because it seriously interest me as well.

  5. Erikarae Erikarae says:

    Wow this looks like such an experience, what a birthday ❤️ This looks so gorgeous oh my goodness I am swooning. Thank you for sharing

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      I was blown away, my sis spoils me more than anyone! I would like to do the same for her- I am thinking of bringing her with me next year, I hope to fly over for the NOLA events

      1. Erikarae Erikarae says:

        Ah that would be so magical! She would love NOLA. It’s been calling me ever since we left last and my heart aches to be there again ❤️

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          I have heard that the city has that effect on people! I have researched a bit of it’s history and architecture…both so rich …even having never been I feel the draw. I bet when I get there , I will be enthralled

          1. Erikarae Erikarae says:

            It’s really a magical place.. it pulls you in and it makes going home so hard!! Lol you’ll definitely adore it I promise

  6. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    OMG!! That is so awesome that you have a twin sister. You should see if she would want to apply to the Chateau. Then there could be another set of twin kittens. What an amazing article. I love documenting my status at hotels with lots of photos and kind of being that travel journalist in my head at least. Now, I have a good reason to put it all to good use. Love the bath tub!!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      She is going to apply, though because of her job she has to be careful, so there would not be lingerie but we can do gowns ^^ Id so love to do duo shoots for the Chateau with her. We recently moved back into our mums house together, so we have more time to shoot together now we are not hours away 🙂

      1. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

        @ VioletNeko. I look forward to welcoming your sister as one of our sisters. I look forward to the future possible story of who is older and all the fun sister stories.

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          Habhab, I am older by no means but by no means wiser.. And it becomes evident pretty fast

  7. Toxic Toxic says:

    looks like a beautiful and fun hotel. Looks like you to had a lot of fun and relaxation. You two look gorgeous!.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      It really is a gorgeous and way over the top hotel! Thank you <3

  8. This is so beautiful! What a great gift.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Isn’t it. I would love t go back or somewhere equally as OTT so I can spoil my Sis too!

      1. It took me a second to realize what OTT is. Lol. I don’t use many acronyms. Over the top! Isn’t that the best way to be?

        1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

          pardon me, that is me lazy typing . Over the top is most definitely the best way to be 😉 I would rather feel excessive , than wish I had done more !

          1. Agreed! Live life, have fun, try new things.

  9. Pandora Song Pandora Song says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing birthday adventure. I’m so glad you have a twin sister to share that wonderful experience with.

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      It really was an adventure. I know it sounds cheesy but having a twin sis is the best! We don’t get to do much together because of adult life in general, but when we do, we have the most fun

  10. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    Two beautiful goddesses! That hotel looks incredible!

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Goddesses…. Well that’s quite the compliment! Thank you. If you are ever in the UK, I highly recommend <3

      1. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

        You are both goddesses! I hope I will get to some day! I’d also love to meet up with the UK kittens while there!

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