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I’ll never forget meeting Isibella for the first time and truly being introduced to the Chateau life. I remember watching the VICE episode about the Cat Girl Manor when it first came out, little did I know, the Beltane event held at the Scartlet Ranch (that I use to frequent) was hosted by the one-and-only Isibella. She was kind from the very first moment I met her. She walked into the restroom after me, complimented my dress, and fixed her ears in the mirror. Once I left the restroom, I was promptly greeted by a gentleman introducing himself, as yes of course, Jeff Lawson! He and his kitten Vicky were in need of an extra girl for the maypole performance and asked if I was interested. I was excited and fully up to the task! Let’s just say the night ended with love at first sight of the Kitten community.

Shortly after that event, I received an invitation to attend the fairy party held at the Chateau. I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to attend! It was amazing.  The exact type of community I was looking for. I met so many like minded friendly people that I now call dear friends.

Since then, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Isibella personally. I’ve done everything from learning her favorite interests, to cooking dinner, and stress watching tv shows. I participated in the Chateau filming, helped out at events, been a part of birthdays and Christmas… It really has been a great year.

(Jeff Lawson)

(Jerry Steel)(Robrechtart)

January 3rd 2020 I was officially accepted as a kitten in the Chateau. I was speechless, and so excited! Shortly after that, The Chateau got invited to attend the kink festival at TRACKS. I think I can speak for everyone when I say “what an awesome time”! The stage performance went splendidly.(Jeff Lawson)

That leads us to the ending of January with “Vampurrs in Vegas” when we hosted two AVN award after parties. The first night we had the honor of hosting at The Chateau Nightclub at the Paris Hotel and the second night (which was the main event) was at The Foundation Room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. I had an extremely amazing time, especially for my first vegas trip!(Daniel Du Kinque)

(Daniel Du Kinque)

…Bringing us into February 2020 where we prepped, practiced and prepared for Denver Vampire Ball, which is a 3 day weekend event. I was picked to be the virgin sacrifice this year.(unknown)

The weekend was a huge success.  During the first night, at the salon, I had a lovely time drinking champagne and dancing with all the beautiful ladies. (Robrechtart)

The second night, we attended a banquet that was beautiful and delicious. Erika, Alexis, and I explored the castle and took some photos. After dinner most of us went to enjoy the Denver Selfie Museum. It turned out to be a little quirky and fun thing to experience.(unknown)

Now here we are, in June 2020, and I am one of Isibella’s personal helpers with her merchandise!

It has been one amazing and wild ride. I am so happy to be a part of this community and Isibella’s life. Here’s to many more years. Here’s to the friendships I have built, and hope to build. Cheers!


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    It’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of, isn’t it

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