Valentine ideas


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for the women. Or once a year for that matter. It can be for the men as well. Here are some ideas you can take for this day or any day you want to let them know you love them.

1. Put sticky notes wherever you know they’ll look and write little notes for them to find.

2. Wake up a bit earlier to cook breakfast or clean up a bit so they won’t have to. Or if there’s a routine (for us it’s Panera Bread) pick up their fave treats and wake them up to some fresh coffee or tea.

3. Cook them something

4. Men are simple creatures, just sit and enjoy their time or watch them play video games or watch a fave show with them.

5. Put on their fave dress you own and take them on a date. 😉

6. Write to them if they are at work a letter about how much they mean to you and stick it in their jacket pocket when you give them a hug. Then they’ll feel confident about their day.


Hope this helps 🙂 xx

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