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A lot of people think that when you’re a kitten and into kink/BDSM, you cannot live a “normal” life. Kitten play is for people in all different walks of life. Some of us get to live the dream of being a 24/7 kitten, being a pet all day. Meanwhile, others do not have such luxury but that’s okay! Outside of our kinky kitten selves, what do you do? I know many of us here are doctors, lawyers, accountants, veterans, and all these different professions that most vanilla people wouldn’t think we have because of living a “not-so-normal” life that is BDSM.


When I am not a kitten…

I had the privilege of being able to graduate from one of the top universities in my country. I have earned a bachelor’s degree on Organizational Communication.

Organizational communication is defined as the channels and forms of communication that occur within organizations, such as corporations, non-profits, and governmental bodies. It includes both communications within an organization and public-facing communications. Individuals trained in organizational communication can work in human resources, employee training and management, public relations, marketing, communications consulting, public affairs, media management, policy and advocacy, and research and instruction, among other areas (Question: What is organizational communication? What can you do with a master’s in organizational/corporate communication? (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.mastersincommunications.com/faqs/what-is-organizational-communication).

For my first job, I was a marketing officer for an American-Canadian owned IT company of software such as hotel management system, Point of Sale (POS), Client Relations Management (CRM), etc. It was quite an experience as it was my first job but they have trusted me enough to handle staff and be the head of the department. During my one year of employment, I was able to assist increasing the company’s gross revenue up to 16%. I had to leave the said job to explore more opportunities, also I did not feel as though I fit in that environment.

After that, I took a short break before leaping onto the next job, which was being a project manager for an Internet marketing company headquartered in Virginia, US — their back office was based in the Philippines, where I am from. I learned technical things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and I’ve also managed 120 websites while also juggling three departments. A regular day for me was analyzing spreadsheets and data, and coordinating with the Philippine team and US team. The employer was supportive of self-expression that they have allowed me to keep my colorful red hair, wear cat ears and collar, on top of giving a flexible schedule in which allowed me to go to the office only when I needed to. It was very convenient for someone like me who isn’t a morning person — sometimes I’d go to the office as late as 5PM, then take a 2-hour break, then go back and leave after a few hours. It had a very friendly environment because we were output-based, instead of activity-based. This means that, just get the job done. There were days I spent as little as 3 hours at work because I was able to finish my tasks immediately. I also have not mentioned the perks of working from home! It was already a thing for me even before COVID-19 pandemic happened. I was able to take advantage of this whenever I had panic/anxiety attacks and being unable to be sociable. They were also mental health-friendly. They were aware of my diagnosis (major depressive disorder at the time, before it worsened to bipolar type II) and were very forgiving. When my medication would make me sleepy, they would even let me take a nap on the couch. It was, by far, the most ideal work place I think any person could ever have (if you dislike routine). Unfortunately, my creativity stalled in that job because it was technical and I had no creative input on things.

My most recent job, before Coronavirus struck and ruined things, was as an operations manager for a digital marketing startup agency. I handled a team of creatives doing graphic design, copywriting, and website programming. The owner of the company was the General Manager of my previous job, so she maintained the same work culture I have enjoyed at the aforementioned work place.

During my 2-month training at the Facebook Headquarters in my country. We were one of the only 7 companies chosen to join the program.
While doing video production for a client. We were filming an ad. The client eventually had me on-screen, ha!


I have also joined an international non-profit organization that provides humanitarian service. In my country, this organization helps specifically the less privileged, providing children more access to education, housing for the homeless, aid during calamities, etc.

This was a charity ball wherein I was officially inducted as one of the new members.

I’m all about the rave, too!

Aside from hustling in the corporate world, I have also promoted raves, EDM festivals, and nightclubs! Work hard, party harder! I started out as a party freak, being out every weekend — I really like EDM! Soon, I got to be invited to promote. The perks were decent. I get to go to these events for free, I earn by promoting and selling tickets, and I got to do all those while having fun!

I have promoted big names in the EDM industry, such as Tiesto, Skrillex, Alesso, Blasterjaxx, to name a few. During my first year as a promoter, I was one of the top promoters for the “baby version” of Ultra Music Festival Miami, which was Road to Ultra: Philippines. One of the perks of this “job” was I also got to meet famous top DJs such as Marshmello, Galantis, Quintino, etc.


Prior joining The Chateau, I started my modeling in late 2016 when professional and hobbyist photographers invited me to do shoots upon sighting my sexy photos on FetLife. I honestly never really thought of myself becoming a model, let alone being paid to be photographed. I am usually the one behind the camera — I was a photographer before!

One of my most memorable times during my “modeling” was when I appeared on national TV, on of the most watched TV shows in my country at the time. I got the chance to be next to one of the most popular actors in my country today, James Reid. The side characters like me were given the chance to dress freely. Actually, the reason I was invited for the episode was because they wanted “fashionable-looking people” since the setting was an art gallery. I wanted to wear cat ears but the head of wardrobe told me it was too much, but I was at least able to wear a collar!


Aside from managing and maintaining our baby, TheChateau.org website, I am doing professional photo editing and website development.

All of my photoset publications here on The Chateau have been edited by yours truly! I have made this service available to kittens as well, and you can see some of my work on:

For samples, you can check the following album I’ve uploaded in The Girls of Kittenplay: View before vs after pics

Recently, the beautiful and talented Melissa Drew hired me to revamp her website from scratch! Go and give her some appreciation by visiting her website at https://melissadrew.com!

Yes, I can code. My graphic design and website coding were all self-taught and started from doing MySpace themes, haha!


That’s pretty much Anne MiYu outside of my kitten life! But as you can see, there was a tendency for me to involve my kitten self even in “vanilla” environments.

How about you? What do you do for work? What is your life like outside of being a kitten?

To know more about me, I invite you to visit my website, https://annemiyu.com!

For modeling-related things, you can read the humble beginning of my modeling on my About Me page, and I’ve also setup an FAQ page where I answered matters involving my modeling!


56 thoughts on “What Do You Do in Your “Normal” Life?”

  1. Darkcrystal Darkcrystal says:

    LOVE THIS!!! You are such a role model to look up to Anne! <3

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Aww, thanks so much, kitten! <3 To be a role model is something I never really considered so I'm just happy to know having some who look up to me.

      1. Darkcrystal Darkcrystal says:

        I love how you have work side and kitten side. I use to do fashion photoshoots with other models when I lived in California I enjoyed being a model very much but California is so competitive! I can’t do competition I enjoy being myself and not getting plastic surgery to change my look for them.

        1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

          But deep inside me, I wish I’m just a 24/7 kitten. Hahaha. Hmmm I imagine the industry there is already saturated but I hope you will keep trying! And while I don’t see anything wrong with plastic surgery to some extent, do what makes you comfortable! ❤️

          1. Darkcrystal Darkcrystal says:

            I want to be a 24/7 kitten as well 🙂 I just do modeling as a hobby not looking for anything out of it really and yeah I agree to an extent with plastic surgery I mean I want bigger breasts someday ;D haha

            1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

              Oh, we are def the same! I only did modeling as a hobby until I started to monetize on it… why not, right? 🙂
              And yes, same again! I want bigger breasts and am considering having a boob job in the future. Hahaha. I’m pretty contented with my looks but if there’s one thing I could enhance, it would be my bewbs. Lol

          2. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

            Wow! Anne do you ever slow down, how do ppl keep up with all of your skills, talents and fun? It was great to get to know more about you ❤️

  2. Kiurym Kiurym says:

    You’re such a wonderful person Anne! An amazing person to look up to! Currently I work in the IT field doing helpdesk type work!

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Aww thanks so much, I appreciate it! ❤️ How is it working out for you doing helpdesk work in IT?

      1. Kiurym Kiurym says:

        The new job I got is just a more advanced one of the one I had before! So I very much enjoy the environment and the people I worked with~ I’ll let you know in a few weeks when I start!

  3. Scynestra Scynestra says:

    Wonderful read, and thank you for sharing! Your accomplishments are really inspiring! <3 I tend to have my dayside and nightside separated as well, though they tend to leak into each other because my personality is what it is haha.

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      I totally understand what you mean! I always try to bring my kitten side here and there in my vanilla activities. Haha

  4. Pandora Song Pandora Song says:

    Kitten of amazing talents!! So glad to meet another Rave kitty. Thank you for sharing your story, meow.

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Thank you! I miss being a rave kitty. I wish the pandemic will be over soon so raves can happen again!

  5. Vetcos Vetcos says:

    Good article, I can relate to a bit of it. Some people see me at my current profession and develop a opinion of who i am based on how i am at work… then they hear about the gaming, anime, cosplay and such and it throws them for a loop. It’s completely normal to have a good paying professional line of work and still be a huge nerd at home and cons.

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Hahaha they don’t know you’re so much more fun outside of work! What kind of games, anime, and cosplay are you into?

      1. Vetcos Vetcos says:

        Oh i know… i just did a shoot at a range and had one of my friends help with the camera… he was nice about it but you could tell he thought it was a bit odd. clearly i live in two different worlds. i mostly enjoy strategy and RPG type games though i don’t mind FPS or simulation… not into sports games lol. Anime varies from things like Fairy Tale, Kakegurui, fire force… just too many to list. currently watching Naruto (yeah i’m behind), Magi, and Black Clover along with some others. as far as cosplay i’m still a novice but i have completed my Sims, Ned Flanders and Chris Redfield. I am working on a Irvine Kinneas and a demi-human (wolf-man) one.

  6. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    You have done and continue to do so much!

  7. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    You are such a powerhouse of talent! Thank you for the peek into your life and loves.

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