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32 thoughts on “”

  1. Lunawhispurr Lunawhispurr says:

    Congrats on your debut!! You look stunning ;3

  2. Kireitora Kireitora says:

    thank you sis it was so much fun to do <3

  3. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    Gorgeous! Very nice use of the mesh you look beautiful

    1. Kireitora Kireitora says:

      its actually a wedding vail I got from wish I wanted to make this set playful

      1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

        That’s such a great idea and this set is definitely playful x

        1. Kireitora Kireitora says:

          I really cannot wait to do more sets its so much fun to do!!

          1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

            Aren’t they !? I had a few planned before covid hit, so those are on the back burner until it is safe to see a photographer but for now I wan to experiment more with shooting at home .

            1. Kireitora Kireitora says:

              I am thinking of taking my own pics and having my dad my brother edit them for me so that way I don’t have to pay someone to take the pics for me but I myself can take them then have one of my fam members do the shinning up for me

              1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

                Great idea! No one in my family has any editing skills but they help alot by reading my articles for me and pointing out any errors that I’ve missed. I look forward to seeing your future content x

  4. Very cute photoset! Way to start with a BANG! <3

  5. Kireitora Kireitora says:

    NYAAAAAA you girls are amazingly sweet thank you so much legit having me in tears sometimes it means a lot <3

  6. Toxic Toxic says:

    Really cute set!. Love your hair.

  7. Kireitora Kireitora says:

    I am trying I really lol

  8. GloomyPaws GloomyPaws says:

    Purple is such a lovely color on you, and I love how beautifully it compliments the color of your hair! Love your tail, too

  9. The cyan blue and purple look gorgeous on you!

    1. Kireitora Kireitora says:

      mewwww thank you sister i was very nervous about this shoot tbh

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