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17 thoughts on “”

  1. says:

    Omg this is so creative! You are so unique I absolutely love this shoot <3

    1. Sunnykitten Sunnykitten says:

      Thank you all so much!!! Your sweet comments mean a lot to me!!

  2. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    I love the place you got to do this shoot at o.o it is absolutely awesome! You look like you are having sooo much fun and you look really beautiful in this set.

    1. Sunnykitten Sunnykitten says:

      Thank you, that place is a blast!!

      1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

        You are very welcome ^_^

  3. KeeTeaKat KeeTeaKat says:

    Super fun and unique set!

    1. Sunnykitten Sunnykitten says:

      Meow, thank you so much

  4. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    Those pants are so funky and fun looking. You come up with some really creative ideas for your shoots.

  5. Kiurym Kiurym says:

    This looks like so much fun! All the balls and pink and a lovely kitten! What’s not to love?

    1. Sunnykitten Sunnykitten says:

      You’re so sweet!! Thank you so much.

  6. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    This is so creative and I love how the colours of your outfit coordinate with the balls

    1. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

      This is an awesome set. Love the colours and the balls. It’s so creative.

  7. Paisley Paisley says:

    I love how creative your shoots are babe !! Cant wait to see more

  8. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    I love the way you used the phone cord and your gorgeous heels, the depth of these photos is fabulous

  9. Pandora Song Pandora Song says:

    So much fun! Those Bell bottoms are so groovy and it just matches the vibe of the set.

  10. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    I love everything about this set! Your outfit matches the balls perfectly and each shot is so playful!

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