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32 thoughts on “”

  1. Lunawhispurr Lunawhispurr says:

    Sounds like a lovely night. I can’t wait to be able to fly out there and visit this infamous Rabbit Hole, as I am an Alice in Wonderland & Lewis Carroll fanatic.

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      When you do come down, please let me take you. I live 5 minutes from the location. It’s definitely a favorite of mine.

  2. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    I know this night!! Lol. I’m so glad you all had so much fun. These are such fun and alluring pictures.

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      I honestly can’t wait to get together again soon. It was so nice to sit and have a meal with you.

      1. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

        @drusilav. I have an amazing kitten outing planned once this pandemic passes us by. Or, I might plan it to be “an event” at my abode and have it be a lesson where we can all learn something fun. 😀

        1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

          I can not wait to hear about it. Also be a part of it.

  3. Kyra Kyra says:

    Sounds like a wonderful night, I would so love to visit one day

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      It was quite lovely. Also the chateau is a magical place.

  4. Victoria Victoria says:

    It sounds like the best fun

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      A lot of fun was had. It was very much needed.

  5. Toxic Toxic says:

    Sounds like a fun and amazing night :). Glad you had fun 🙂

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      Thank you darling. It was a lot of fun.

    2. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

      This looks incredible. I would love to visit The Chateau one day.

  6. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    Such nice pictures of what sounds like a great evening … the best memories are often created around good food and a decent movie with friends <3

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      Very true. Thank you

  7. Looks like such a lovely night. I hope to be able to visit both places in the near future.

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      Please tell me when you do. I would love tio join you for a meal. It’s such a lovely place.

  8. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    I really loved getting to officially meet and spend time with you that evening!

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      You are such an absolute sweetheart. You are so kind and loving. Such a beautiful heart. I can’t wait to do it again.

      1. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

        Me neither <3 no matter what the future holds

        1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

          Absolutely! It’s so beautiful the friendships and family that is built within this beautiful community.

  9. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    It truly is such a welcoming place with such amazing people. <3

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      Absolutely! I can’t wait for the next gathering.

      1. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

        I imagine the fairy party next year will be even more spectacular than usual.

        1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

          Oh and Beltane

          1. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

            Yes! I miss my Chatêau family so much.

            1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

              I can’t wait to meet you one day in person.

              1. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

                Awww, thank you! I feel the same.

  10. I hope that someday I get to visit The Chateau with the other British Kittens. It has been my dream to visit for many years now, and mostly it would be such an honour to meet Isi in person- ❤️

    1. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

      That would be such a dream!! I have personally have always wanted to travel over the pond myself.

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