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39 thoughts on “”

  1. Wow! I really enjoyed reading your story. It’s well written and you’ve come so far. Those high waisted, red shorts are so adorable, BTW.

    How do you manage to get your clothing? Is it all bought online? I had no idea that customs were so strict in your home country. You learn something every day. This was a great article.

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Thing in Southeast Asia is that clothes are very cheap!
      My blue cocktail dress here is only $7:
      My silver sequin gown here is only $15:

      Especially if you go to Bangkok, that’s like a haven for cheap fashion.

      Actually, it’s not that our customs here are so strict… It’s mostly corruption, sadly. Either it gets stolen, gets taxed heavily, or they’ll tell you that you can’t claim your item for whatever stupid regulation they have. One of my ex boyfriends shipped a package from Germany to me sent via DHL. DHL did its job and shipped it immediately. Upon arriving to the Philippines, it got stuck for 1 month in the customs. I called every week and they said they didn’t exactly know what happened to my package. After almost 2 months, I finally got it… It was eaten by rats — there were chocolates inside! I ended up throwing away ALL of the food items my ex sent me. The customs even blamed my sender saying he should’ve boxed it properly. Like, sorry, we didn’t expect for rats to eat my package?? Lol. The only compensation I received for all the broken items was them voiding the tax… which was only $2. Crazy country I live in. Hahaha! Lots of our kitten sisters have been wanting to send me packages but I keep telling them, while I appreciate it, I’d rather not risk it. 🙁

      1. Wow. That’s intense. My home country, Romania is also extremely corrupt. Even after being liberated from communism, it’s their top political party and bribes are rampant. I can only imagine how things are for you. Have you ever considered moving because of it?

        1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

          Yes, it’s intense. Haha. It’s been terrible here, frankly speaking. And yes, I definitely consider moving. My target in the next few years is to move to Singapore. At least it’s still in Southeast Asia so it would be easier for me. I have friends there, been there literally 10 times, and like it a lot there. I feel, once I have Singapore under my belt of work experiences, it would be a lot easier for me to move to Europe/US, as an example. Even my ex bf/former Master who originates from Denmark, finds Singapore to be expensive. Thus I feel, once I’m used to Singapore’s standards of living, I could easily adapt to any other developed country. 🙂

      2. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

        @DeviantMynx @VioletNeko I really appreciate you both for wanting to send me packages!!! But if you read my comment, you’ll get an idea why I’m very hesitant about accepting your packages. Huhuhu!

  2. Lunawhispurr Lunawhispurr says:

    This is a beautiful story that still has much to come. Thank you for sharing with us. It’s always nice to see that everyone stars somewhere and can grow so much. <3

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Thanks, babe! In the words of Dua Lipa, “Did a full 180°…” Hahaha. 5 years ago, I would not think I’d be what I am today. Can’t believe I used to be prude and misogynistic, now I’m this openly and confidently sexual woman!

  3. TiffanyBelle TiffanyBelle says:

    So much growth! This is so personal and really takes me back thinking to the humble beginnings. It’s lovely to see kittens with a similar journey and knowing how much I have in common with my sisters! I adore Galantis and had totally forgotten about them till you mentioned the seafox! You can only go up from here. An absolute credit to the chateau

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Whaaa I’m glad you adore Galantis, too! I freakin’ love them. I met them in person and it was one of the happiest days of my life!

  4. DrusilaV DrusilaV says:

    Wow! Your transformation and growth is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the time lapse of picture documentation showing how deeply committed you are to this community.

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Thank you, kitten sister! There is no pet play community in where I’m from and the BDSM scene is very small, too — we’re a Catholic Asian developing country so you can just imagine how backwards the mentality is here. Hahaha. Thus, I try to be very dedicated and committed to this community as it’s the only one I have. It’s just sad I’m so far away from all of you!

  5. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    This post is so awesome, I can’t wait to make a post like this!

    1. Anne MiYu Anne MiYu says:

      Thanks, love! I look forward to yours! ❤️

      1. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:


      2. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

        Brilliant post. I could really relate to a lot of the content and loved the photos.

  6. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

    An absolute legend!

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