Ear Styles Every Kitten Should Own


Article_Cover    From my experience in not only modeling in the Chateau, but being a kitten, ears are a necessity when you are in kitten play, but more than that, is having a beautiful arrangement of different styles and colors to match the assemble you have planned for your evening. Whether you are going to a Work Party, a night out on the town, or even planning a photo shoot, ears are essential, and I really can’t stress the importance of having yourself a variety of ear choices. Now, that’s not to say every kitten has her own favorite types of ears, some girls like to stick to the same  style. But this article is about branching out of that comfort zone, and allowing yourself to be able to get a bit more creative, because let’s be honest, wearing the same pair of ears over and over again, not only causes wear and tear on them, but it gets boring! So in this article I am covering the different styles of ears, where you can get these ears at affordable prices (if you’re not a DIY kitty) and color essentials of ears that will match almost anything.

~~** The Simple Headband **~~



This is the most common type of ears that even not kitten play people own, you can find them super cheap around Halloween at dollar stores and discount costume bins. They’re ears that com on a head band that have just your normal kitten ear shape about them. You can find these even out of Halloween season on a lot of whole sale sites, eBay, amazon, and of course your local costume shop, I’ve see plain regular ears like this run anywhere from $2-$8, give or take if it has a tail and bow included, which some do.


Vividoll     However, with a world of crafty people,  you can take your plain average ears, and upgrade on Etsy to some very nicely made ones with ribbons, trimming, gems, different colored fur and different inner lining. There are several Etsy artists out there who make and take custom orders for lovely ears and are happy to accommodate almost anything you can think of. For my featured artist, I have chosen to show you the beautiful work of Vividoll, a Chateau kitten herself, she makes a beautiful basic set of fluffy ears that any kitten will love. Simple yet adorable, her ears are customizable and for a reasonable price. The nice thing about basic ears like her’s is that you can switch out bows and hair accessories to match any outfit or theme. Perfect for a go to set no matter what the occasion. Support a Chateau Kitten and buy a pair from her! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ViviDollShop


Images Featuring: Angel Kitten, Moonpie, Chairmyn Meow, Skylark


~~** The Silhouette Ears **~~


Now these are ears that came into style, because they were ears a kitten could where out in public on a daily basis, and be slightly less noticeable to people. They still said, “Hey I’m a kitten!” but didn’t scream it in crowds like other ears do, because sometimes you just want to go shopping and not have everyone pointing and harassing you for wearing big fluffy kitten ears. None-the-less, these ears are still beautiful, and I highly recommend that every kitten own a pair. They can be as simple as just the silhouette of cat ears, or can be spiced up a bit with little flowers, pearls, gems, and a nice ribbon pattern. These ears can be easily found on eBay in simple colors for 99 cents, or on Etsy with crafters who spice them up from $10-$30 (depending on what you are looking for.  I’ve seen the pearl and gem stone ones sold at costume shops for around $15, sometimes places like, Claire’s or Icing carry them too. You can find yourself a cute pair of these ears at Hot Topic or at PaperCute on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/papercute or Miss CocoBoutique on Etsy:https://www.etsy.com/shop/MissCocoBoutique

Chateau2Images Featuring: April Kitten, Salem, Mocha Haze and Kitty Lily




~~** The Lace Ears **~~


A pair of ears that became popular to even non-kittens , made famous and known to all from the Ariana Grande music video, “Love Me Harder” which featured the singer wearing a pair of black ones while rolling around in a luxurious sand setting, which made us Chateau kittens wonder if she secretly was kitten or at least was a fan of the Chateau. She’s been seen wearing kitten ears on several occasions, making the lace kitten ears a must have for teenage girls. I’ve seen these ears sold in stores like Claire’s, Icing, Hot Topic, and of course costume shops. They are a very nice touch to sexy lingerie, and hold their own unique quality about them. They are ears that several Chateau kittens own themselves and have featured photos on as well. To buy a pair online is easy, they’re on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, just do a search of “Lace Cat Ears” and you will find them from $5-$30. JenniferMinou on Etsy sells them in a variety of colors for a very reasonable price.https://www.etsy.com/shop/JenniferMinou

Images Featuring: Mika Masami and Sarai


~~** The Clip-in Ears **~~


The Clip-in cat ears aren’t always a favorite to some kitties, while they are preferred by others. The advantage of having clip-in cat ears is that they (most of the time) are sturdy and stay in your hair without easily falling out. They also have a different shape to them, which some kittens prefer over the headband kitten ears. Another bonus of clip-in ears, is that most can actually be converted into clipping onto a headband if needed. This is something that is becoming very popular with ear makers, the accessibility to turn your ears from headbands to clip-ins.  There are other kitten ear makers on Etsy who can give you the option from headband to clip-in as well, so please be sure to check out the Featured Shops list below.

Clipins-Chateau Images Featuring: Stella Kitty, Mittens, Claudia Rylie, and Fox Von Classique

~~** The Plastic Mold Ears **~~


I don’t actually know what the style of these ears are called, but I personally am in love with them. They’re small, usually come with an elastic band and are actually shaped with a plastic material. Some have painted insides, others have a little bit of fur. Online you can find them herehttp://yayahan.bigcartel.com/product/yayas-original-cat-ears-plain but I’ve seen them in sets at Halloween and Costume shops and at conventions. I own a pair myself that are from Yayahan. They’re great ears if you don’t want to stand out as much, plus the awesome bonus of being waterproof! If you can, definitely get yourself a pair.

Images Featuring: Lily, Corinne, Little Skylark, and guest model Yayahan


~~** Airbrushed Ears **~~


Last but not least we have the airbrushed ears! A new favorite among the Chateau Kittens are these ears that with an airbrushed coloring, give a more realistic look. Hoshiikins makes these beauties and for a great price, just take note she does lots of custom orders so you’ll need to be a patient kitty if you want a pair of these one of a kind ears. You can find her shop on Etsyhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/Hoshiikins


Images Featuring: Starling, Moonpie, and April Kitten

~~** Featured Kitten Ear Shops **~~


  A great cat ear maker is Alpha Arts, done by Ashivi,  is making her beautiful ear headbands and tail sets. She she does the occasional collar. Alpha Arts produces very high quality work for very reasonable prices, and can completely custom make your ears to what you want, and with a few extra bucks you can get a matching tail, and even a matching collar set! I’ve been fortunate enough to own a pair of her ears and tails, one of the first she’s ever made and I still use them at my shoots and outings, I’ve worn them so much, I’ve actually worn into the fur and need to costume order a new pair, especially since she’s now grown her ear making abilities and creates super fancy, lovely ones. Her ears, are a pair of ears every kitten should own. So make sure you check out her Etsy, and shoot her a message about getting a pair of customs make fore yourself! You will not be disappointed. Her ears and tails are hand sewn to perfection, sturdy and will last years, even with over use like mine.https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlphaArtsGifts


     Here is where I’m gonna put one last little plug for someone who makes amazing ears, strong sturdy, beautiful and completely customizable and reasonably priced, and that is Velvet Violet Vixen https://www.etsy.com/shop/VelvetVioletVixen don’t see what you want on her Etsy? No Problem! This girl take commissions and will make sure your ears are exactly what you want, even down to a specific color of fur (which you know can be hard to do sometimes). She makes her ears in a variety of different styles and colors, you name it, she’ll make it. Along with her ears she also makes some of the most beautiful collars. I own 2 myself, that I absolutely adore, and plan on commissioning her for even more collars in the future. She is even in the works of getting wrist-cuffs made so you can have a matching set. Another great feature from commissioning her, she can make entire kitten gear sets, that’s right. Ears, tail, collar, paw-gloves, and cuffs everything you need as a kitten and not at a ridiculous price and over charged. Even with her custom commissions, she gets them done and to you at a very reasonable amount of time so you aren’t sitting there and waiting months for your order! Her Etsy shop provides more than just pet play gear too, she also makes beautiful bustles, chokers, and takes commissions for cosplay. All her work is very well made, and she is definitely one to buy from if you are looking for a cheap, affordable set of ears, and maybe once you’ve had your ears, you’ll want to get an entire matching set to complete your customization ears. Be sure to check out Violet’s modeling page as well! https://www.facebook.com/violetvixxen/

Chateau4Featured Models: Persia, Claudia Rylie, Mynx, ScreamKiwi, and Pastel Quartz

~~** Other Sites That Sell Ears **~~


Choosing a formal collar for the dominate kitten

Welcome back. Here I am it being a nice quiet winter evening and I realize I have not been gifted with a “formal collar”.  Now what a formal collar means to me, is one I can where out to the theater, dinner around non-kitten lifestyle individuals and not have to explain.

Some days I wish to remain under the wire, discrete not that I believe there is anything wring with my lifestyle choices more that I am not interested in engaging or explaining.  In a similar way celebrities my wish to just fit in for the ease of their day.

I live the majority of my time either extremely casual due to my very active physical activities or dressed to 9’s and rather tastefully.

My needs for a formal collars needs first and foremost comfort, beauty and elegance, ease of application and removal and finally cost.  As I google “gold fancy collars” I am hit with pages of pet plat for Fifi or fido, heavy duty industrial grade slave collars and then fashion collars.  I find the market is lacking an extensive couture non-webbing formal collar.

I did find I fancied Agent Provocateur’s gold and   swarovski “diamond” collar and cuff set with matching chain connectors for the “mere” investment of $795 for the collar and $795 for the cuff set.  Now this IS the premiere desired collar set for THE pampered kitten.http://www.agentprovocateur.com/us_en/crystal-collar-gold


Now if this invest is a bit too rich for your taste, I suggest looking at Etsy, Mockingbirdlanewire, which makes custom fancy metal collar designers. I found one designer which caught this kitten’s eye like a squirrel on a tree limb. Her collars start around $49 USD easy up to $300 plus. From stock to custom metals, charms, clasp closures and neck size. Not AP is on one size for neck and stock sizes for wrist cuffs. Not a good choice of your size is outside the standard.


I found https://www.etsy.com/listing/60851974/made-to-order-fancy-slave-collar-mixed?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_branded-jewelry&utm_custom1=6b1071f2-825b-f588-63dd-00002a925f8c&gclid=CjwKEAiAy7SzBRD_lv7quOnr6XUSJAAOLkW6kpmjEichVXfvp1E56WOOlkmGqWQAegtfL-3a7LZFbhoCWj_w_wcB.

I have yet to test drive either collar but I have my eye on both. I will be requesting to my maitre my interest in both.


I find having options for the many facets in my life which also includes kitten play is ideal.  As being a mature kitten, and what I define as a mature kitten in one over 35, and with a child in high school, discretion is ideal.


I shall continue my search on fancy collars options and update as I field test some.

Till then happy pettings and submitting.




Some of you may be thinking, why is aftercare important? Well usually after a very intense scene or punishment most kittens are left feeling vulnerable and a bit shaky. Aftercare helps them feel safe, secure, and loved, as well as assists in creating a close bond.


Okay, you now understand the importance of aftercare, but where do you begin?

  • First, like any relationship, talk it out. Find out what helps to relax your kitten, maybe it’s soft music or watching an old disney movie.
  • After the scene make sure to talk to your pet soothingly as you begin to remove and loosen any gear, let them know step-by-step what you’re doing
    • This is especially important if they are blind folded or you are working behind them!
  • Some pets may go into slight shock, causing a cold feeling, and being naked is no warm walk in the park, so make sure to keep a soft blanket near so you can wrap them up
  • Move them to a warm, comfortable place like a couch, the cement floor of a dungeon doesn’t count as comfortable
  • If your pet is still slightly shaking, or feeling cold, it would be wise to have more blankets on hand
  • Look over your pet for wounds, these will need to be disinfected and bandaged as soon as possible. Don’t leave out sore muscles either. Keep massage oils in reach, as well as some Neosporin.
  • Offer clean water for your pet to drink once you are both settled down. Scenes usually involve a lot of panting and drooling, which would make anyone thirsty. I would also recommend a straw to prevent spilling if their motor skills are impaired.
  • Soft touches are always a relaxing welcome. Soft traces over an upper arm or lower back would make anyone melt, and light strokes of a pet’s hair or cheek can cause a purring machine.
  • Lastly, keep a small box of chocolates on hand to help increase blood sugar as well as release Oxytocin
  • Don’t forget those words of encouragement!


Okay, so now you’ve got the basics down but maybe you want to personalize your aftercare, well I can help with that as well. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Bubble baths
  • Treats besides chocolate
    • Goldfish, ice cream, cookies, apple bunnies
  • Brushing their hair
  • Watching a movie of your pet’s choice
  • Reading a book to them
  • Bringing them a favorite stuffed animal
  • Kissing their wounds
  • Bringing them coloring books
  • Letting them wear one of your large shirts
  • Putting cute slippers on their feet
  • Giving them beverages other than water
    • Juice, Gatorade, Warm Milk, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Using cute cartoon band aids for their wounds
  • Playing soft music
  • Lighting candles of their favorite scents
  • Full body massages


Finally, we can’t forget about our Doms. Yes, Doms need aftercare too! Doms can experience what is known as “top drop”, where, after a scene, a Dom can get a little down in the dumps. Pets, don’t forget to praise your Dom afterwards, let them know what you liked during the scene and what really got you into sub space. Soft touches also do wonders with Doms as well.

How Does A Kitten Maintain Her Coat?

How does a kitten maintain her coat?


As kittens, we all know it is very impurrrrtant to stay well-groomed and purrrfectly maintained! I am going to share with you my skin and hair regimen so that you, too, can make sure to be the polished feline everyone adores.

First let’s talk about coloring our coats! If you are a pastel princess like myself, or plan to be, you will need to follow these basic steps for getting and maintaining these magical colors:
♡ Get your hair bleached by a professional using Olaplex. Olaplex is a 3-step product that helps keep the bonds of your hair together for minimal to no damage while bleaching. It also helps the hair lighten quicker and lighter than it would without. I had my hair bleached with Olaplex two times in one sitting and my hair felt even BETTER than it did prior to bleaching. It is the most AMAZING sorcery I have ever witnessed! It is very important to maintain the integrity of your hair. So please be sure to not do this alone.
♡ After your hair is lightened to a light yellow-blonde shade, it is time is tone! I swear by Shimmer Lights purple shampoo. I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, apply the shampoo thoroughly through my hair, and put it up in a shower cap for an hour or so. Your hair should be a nice platinum with silver tones now. Completely rid of yellows and brass.
♡ Now that your hair is toned and the ideal shade for a pastel color, take your favorite shade and a big bowl of WHITE conditioner and start adding little drops of dye while stirring. I prefer a conditioner of almost gel/cream texture, as it doesn’t slip and slide all over the hair and holds in place. *Remember: Make the color a bit darker in the bowl than you want it on your head, it will turn out lighter after washing* Once you have your desired color, apply! I usually leave my dye in for multiple hours. 2 at the LEAST. These colors don’t have ammonia in them, so it will not hurt your hair.
♡ Yay! You now have the mermaid coat of your dreams! There is nothing better than a fairy kitten.

Okay, so your coat is dyed, but how do you keep it looking fresh? Here’s how:
♡ Take a white conditioner and drop some of your dye into it just like before. Funnel the mixture back into the conditioner bottle and leave in the shower for easy access. Every time you wash your hair, condition with this solution for 5-10 minutes to refresh any lost pigment.
♡ Purple shampoo! Whenever your color starts getting those dreaded yellow tones, but apply purple shampoo to those icky spots and let it sit for an hour and rinse. You may need to do this a few times over the span of a few days.
♡ Lastly, once it has faded beyond the color you desire, re-dye it! You can do this as often as you please. As I said before, the color dye you use should not have ammonia in them. Some good brands are Arctic Fox, Pravana, Special Effects, and Ion Color Brights!

Now we have learned how to maintain color, but what about keeping our coat healthy and shiny? Well…
♡ COCONUT OIL! Raw, organic coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer and hair repair treatment. Just put a scoop in a microwave safe bowl and heat until melted. Apply to the ends of your hair and run the excess through your roots. I recommend leaving in the hair for a couple of hours. Sometimes I even sleep with it in a shower cap. Do this once a week! Your hair will love it.
♡ Don’t wash often. Washing your hair strips the natural oils from it and makes it dry and split. Instead try washing every other day, but if you can handle it, once a week. I know, crazy. BUT, pony tails and pinned back bangs are kinda cute on those greasy days. Your hair will seriously thank you.
♡ Don’t use shampoo with sulfates or parabens. They are drying and damaging to the hair shaft. Try a more natural approach!
♡ Use a moisturizing/repairing conditioner. Leave in the hair for the duration of your shower and rinse with cold water at the end to seal those follicles and hold in the nutrients.
♡ A leave-in conditioning treatment or oil after washing is your best friend as well.
♡ Don’t forget to treat your hair to masks and deep conditioning treatments from time to time as well. I will post some great home recipes later!

Let’s talk skin, shall we?
Skin care is one of my many passions and is very n ear and dear to my heart. I take great pride in maintaining my skin health and helping others with theirs. So, let’s walk through my daily routine:
♡ Wake up and splash some warm water on my face. This opens the pores and gets them ready to take in the deep-cleaning of the cleanser.
♡ Use a mild skin cleanser. I love using Japanese cleansing oils as they remove all of the oil and dirt and residue.
♡ Rinse with cold water to seal the pores.
♡ Next step is toning. I like to use a homemade mixture of green tea and lemon juice. It is a great astringent and has loads of antioxidants that protect skin from free-radicals.
♡ Moisturize! It is so important! Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is so necessary. I know you may worry about it making your skin worse, but cellular turnover happens monthly. So in the beginning it will make it seem worse, but after it sheds that layer, it will begin accepting the moisture and using it to your benefit. DO NOT cleanse more than twice a day. You may think it will help to dry out your oily skin, but really you are working on making your skin MORE OILY! It strips your skin of the natural oils and forces it to work even harder to produce extra amounts of that oil that you hate!
♡ Come night time, I splash with warm water again and use my cleansing oil until all of my makeup is removed. Rinse with cold.
♡ I treat myself to a cold sheet mask or clay/gel mask. I choose the type depending on what I think my skin needs that day.
♡ After the mask, I tone again with my solution.
♡ Moisturize!
♡ Now, at night I use a sugar lip scrub and get rid of all the dead skin. After that, I put a heavy duty lip balm on and then place a plastic film over my lips for 20 minutes. It makes your lips suck up that moisture! any film will work, even cling wrap. I use Chu lip films!
♡ After that, I treat my hands to some hand cream and put some socks over my hands for about 20 minutes. Put a good anime on! You can’t use your phone during this! hehe

These are all of my skin care and hair tips to help keep a lovely kitten coat! I will be back soon with some hair and skin mask recipes! I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading, nyaa!

Hello, I’m Pastel Quartz!

Hello, cute humans and pets! I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and give a bit of a synopsis of who I am and what I like to do. My name is Pastel Quartz (quartzkitten) and I snuggle up at night in Tampa, Florida. I have been in the Chateau since April and I am Amethyst in ranking, which is also my birthstone hehe. I make YouTube videos for lots of sweet angels about Kittenplay, makeup, my daily life, and much more! I am not only a kitten, but I am a little at the bright-eyed age of 3! I have been participating in pet play for about a year now, but have been acting on little traits for many years. Since joining this community I have been much happier and more whole as a person. It has tried my strength and also the strength of my relationship with my Master, but ultimately it has made us stronger. That being said, yes, I am owned and also freshly collared! I am a spoiled princess by my handsome owner and am fed many donuts. Aside from that, I also own and operate my own online etsy store for kawaii kitten gear. I just recently learned to sew and feel that I am coming a long way in a short time. I love nothing more than seeing the smiles on my customer’s faces when they receive their items! My interests are singing, drawing/painting, crafting, making videos, modeling, makeup, fashion, Japanese culture, and many more things that could go on forever! I have an INFJ personality type and I’m an Aquarius, which may or may not interest you, but I am proud! I have quite a few tattoos that are mostly very girly, as that’s what I love. If you have any cute anime recommendations send them my way! If you’re lucky, I’ll share my Pocky! Hehe. Thanks for reading, nya!

A modern kitten’s field guide to Champagne at Christmas!

A modern kitten’s field guide to Champagne at ChristmasCHAMPAGNE-CHRISTMAS


But what Champagne should I drink!?

It’s December, and Christmas is fast approaching. With the season’s parties and events,  the modern kitten girl on the go with a taste for glamour will often be found wrapping herself up in a scarf and a pretty dress with matching ears/tail as she heads out in the cold for a party with friends and loved ones, or a night at the club, often in the presence of champagne this time of year. With all the toasts, dinners and parties with family and friends, it can be confusing deciding what champagne is good to drink, and what is bad, or what would make a great Christmas gift. We have simplified it for you, below is a list of some of the higher end finer champagnes that make Christmas themed gifts and limited edition bottles.

Please enjoy!

  1. Moet Chandon. There is no doubt about it, Moet always seems to come on top when it comes to festive limited edition themed bottles. Moet Imperial is priced starting at $39, making a bottle of Moet affordable as a luxury at Christmas, below I will include some of their Christmas focused advertising over the years, a perfect gift for any Kitten!




2) Veuve Clicquot

There is often this fabulous unspoken battle between Moet Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. Which is better?  Who will win!? Well personally here at The Chateau we are Clicquot drinkers, and probably of all the champagnes we feel it has the best taste. A bottle of Veuve can be found at the store for $40 and makes a great treat on Christmas Morning for any kitten (Along with Agent Provocateur Lingerie for any gentlemen reading this ;p)


3) Ace of Spades AKA Armand De Brignac

A bottle of this will set you off $300 as a minimum, and honestly it doesn’t even taste that great, but boy the bottle is pretty! And lets face this, if you are a kitten receiving this on Christmas morning, it’s not to drink, it’s to take fancy kitten Instagram pictures with. xoxo

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.51.51 PM


4) Taittinger and Bollinger.

Yes they are two entirely different brands of champagne, and yet they go so well together! Tat, and Bolly as they are affectionately called in the world of ab fab are both amazing brands and would make any social gathering a treat at Christmas. A bottle of Bolly will set you off by $60 and a Bottle of tat around $50.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.57.43 PM


5) And last but not least -Probably the most exciting thing on this list. Christian Louboutin teamed up with Piper Heidsieck (Notorious for red label on it’s bottle, making it the perfect duo for Louboutin’s signature red heels.) to make the most awesome Christmas gift in existence. Named “Le Rituel” It is a glass slipper you can drink champagne out of! Ultra fetish mixed with Cinderella mixed with champagne, I love it! These were limited editions, but occasionally one will pop up for auction and would make a fantastic Christmas present for any luxury kitten.




Christmas cocktails! The Kris Kringle Effect.



I call this cocktail

The Kris Kringle Effect

I love this and although I admit the picture is not my own however they do truly look like this once made. I would advise making just before guests arrive, however you can skewer the cranberries and leave in some iced water in the fridge for a couple of hours prior to assembly. The little bamboo sticks used here I got the same from the local grocery store last Christmas although any novelty (heat proof) stick works a treat. If you cant thread on your cranberries let them bob on the liquid before putting on your snow white topping!
So here’s how its done…..
To make 4
Spear your cranberries as detailed above.
Pour 350ml Fresh cranberry juice into a sauce pan, and gently over a medium heat bring to a gentle simmer.
Turn the heat down and add 60ml Golden Rum and 60ml Cointreau you can increase or decrease this according to your taste. stir to blend and continue to heat on a low heat for 1 minuet. 
**At this point you can put to one side and return to the heat just before your guests arrive to re-heat **
Lastly when your ready decant into your glasses and dollop on a generous helping of thick snowy whipped into frosty peaks cream. Garnish with your skewers and serve hot to melt away any frosty fingers and bring a rosy glow back to your guests who will hopefully be lost in christmassy heaven as soon as they get a whiff of the aromas leaking from your kitchen ….
An alternative If your not a big fan of rum or Cointreau is to use 60ml each of crème de cacao or peppermint schnapps 
I have always use golden rum as it has a festive spice to it and a splash Cointreau for that traditional orange aroma associated with Christmas.
Enjoy 😀