Light Painted Luxury
  I really wanted to do something special since I have not been feeling the Christmas season this year. We tried some light painting to get in the holiday spirit. Meawy Christmas, everyone!
Now who’s that pretty kitty in the mirror?
Kitty Cakes enjoying her reflection and takes a kitten nap. it is exhausting playing in the mirror.
Sarai the Pink Panther Kitty!
First Photoshoot done for the Chateau!
Salems Christmas Shoot!
This shoot deffo got me in the mood for Christmas, can’t wait!!!
Kitty Cake’s Mining Exchange shoot!
Kitty Cakes shoot at the Mining Exchange.
Christmas Shoot
my Christmas shoot for the Chateau with Blake Mossey Photography!
Winter Kitten Vi 2015
Kitten Vi spends some time playing in the snow and takes a little break to fix her fur.
Fetish Kitten – Vampyra
(c) All About You Photography This was my second Fetish shoot which involved several fetishes but my kitten photos are one of my favorites!
Skylark’s Thanksgiving shoot.
Happy Thanksgiving from The Chateau!

Chateau Kittens Supporting Each Other