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A sweet playful kitten who loves to romp and play and adventure.

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If you are familiar with the bdsm community you may have heard of collaring ceremonies, but what are they? A collaring ceremony is much like a wedding. It binds a submissive and their dominant together in a more formal way. Collaring ceremonies are not to be taken lightly; they are…
2 weeks ago in: Articles 25 comments
Oops! Anastasia got caught being a naughty kitty all tangled up in lights!
5 months ago in: Scratchings 11 comments
I found out I was pregnant just a few short weeks after being accepted in The Chateau and boy has it been a journey! I’ve loved so much of it, but other parts not so much. You see part of my kitten play kink includes a breeding fetish so my…
7 months ago in: Articles 4 comments
Sometimes I just rally want to be an elf tonight was one of those nights!  
7 months ago in: Scratchings 4 comments