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I’m a feral BDSM Vampurr, who loves to scratch & bite. Im owned, but still very independent. Bratty but can dominate. More rawr than meow. But, I do have my kitten moments. <3

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Photographer: Stéphane Archambault
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Photographer: Blacktape Art - Pierre Babin
3 weeks ago in: Photoset 15 comments
Photographer: Francois L’Heureux
4 weeks ago in: Photoset 14 comments
Mew mew! I’m finally done! Phew. I saw a catgirl on Google when I was looking for content to post to my Instagram account, and fell in love with this girl’s ears. I searched for it and found it for $26.41 on Etsy, and with shipping would come up to…
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1 month ago in: Issue 4 comments
Kitten sisters ... today is a wonderful and incredible day for me!! My first Chateau photoset has been accepted, not only marking my personal goal of reaching turquoise level within a month, but accomplishing a dream I’ve had since I was an adolescent. The Chateau Catgirl Penthouse being a recognized…
1 month ago in: Articles 22 comments
Photographer: Francois L’Heureux
1 month ago in: Photoset 23 comments
Photographer: Francois L’Heureux 
2 months ago in: Photoset 21 comments
RAWRRR TO MY BIG CATS AND MEW TO MY KITTENS! I received my full-body, tiger-body-stocking today in preparation of my next shoot and I absolutely love it. It’s a one size fits all, it's see through, and has a convenient hole where you can pass your tail through (for those…
2 months ago in: Scratchings 19 comments
Rawrrrr!! Kitten transformed into a big cat. I purchased a stunning, ginger-tiger-set off NinpoSinta on Etsy and just received it today. I couldn’t wait to finally see what I would look like, being the embodiment of my favourite wildcat. I am in love!
2 months ago in: Scratchings 18 comments