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TheChateau.org is the first ever online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kittenplay lifestyle, founded in 2015. The vision of The Chateau - Cat Girl Manor is to be a safe playground where women would be able to feel empowered, confidently express their kitten selves and lifestyles, and to be the top representation of kitten models around the world.

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Get to know one of our Precious Level kittens, the crème de la crème of kitten models in the world. The Precious Levels (Amethyst and above) are intended to convey a loyalty and exclusivity to The Chateau. These rankings are manually awarded according to a kitten’s active participation or value to the community. Because these levels are very special and bestowed only to a very select few, they cannot be earned by accumulated points. These Precious Levels are earned based on, not only a kitten’s published photosets and articles, but also if she is an exceptional representative of The Chateau — one who radiates class beyond photos, who manifests kindness wherever she is, and active in the community.

Anne MiYu, a Kinky Kitty from Asia

Meow! I feel honored that The Chateau has decided to select me for the first featured Precious Level kitten.  A little about me, I’m 27 years old and hailing all the way from Manila, Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia well-known for its beautiful white sand pristine beaches and picturesque sunsets. I’m Filipina with a mix of Chinese and of Spanish descent — it is a common racial mix in the Philippines due to our long history with Spanish colonization and trading with China. While I am a mix of three different ethnicities, I can only speak two languages, which are Filipino (aka Tagalog) and English.

My kitten/modeling name, Anne MiYu, is actually very close to my legitimate identity. Anne is my second name and Yu comes from my middle name. I used to go by “Kittianne Yu” but people tend to misspell it so 2 years ago, I have made the decision to rebrand myself to Anne MiYu. While most of The Chateau know me as “Anne Yu”, it is a very common name thus I thought of a unique name; “MiYu” is basically derived from meow, but pronounced in a cute way!

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