I enjoy spending my time traveling around the beaches, docks, and cliffs around Kauai, Hawaii, USA. The sea has always ... Read more
I'm enjoying a quiet day in, playing with my favorite mouse. Do you have any favorite kitten-play toys? I'd love ... Read more
I was lucky enough to get these beautiful new Shrine Kitsune ears from Kingsley Parlor and am absolutely in love! ... Read more
I love spending my free time spinning on the lyra in the garden. It has recently become my favorite ways ... Read more
One of the coolest shoots I've been able to do so far, has got to be the bodyscapes I did ... Read more
On September 15th 2020, I completed my official 27th orbit around the sun! A few days later I got to ... Read more
I had a wonderful afternoon painting. I even painted myself for fun. Painting has become my new favorite hobby of ... Read more
I'm often told that I look completely innocent... That is until I give a cheeky smile. So, I thought I ... Read more
This set didn't get accepted, but that's okay. I wanted to share it with you, anyway. I had a lot ... Read more
Hey ladies and gents! I wanted to share with you the piece I created to contribute to The Chateau. Using ... Read more
We've all been cooped up for weeks, even months, since life as we knew it has changed.  Although life has ... Read more
I adore taking late-night photos. The energy of the moon shining through the window is the best thing. The night ... Read more

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