The Chateau


The Chateau is the first ever online magazine dedicated solely to cat girls and the kittenplay lifestyle. Our magazine represents the luxury life of a pet, and the sensual nature of the feline. The Chateau, nicknamed CatGirlManor is a private residence based in Colorado, USA. Occasionally we host private and public events at the mansion, but also host events in Denver, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Our brand inspires the Princess in girls who still desire the finer things in life, subjects we explore are champagne, high end couture, the arts and fine cuisine.

Each month we bring you the creme de la creme of kitten girls, reviews and lifestyle articles. Each of our gorgeous models has their own unique profile and photosets, and is ranked by gems that are proudly displayed on their profiles. Models can obtain gems after completing photoshoots or writing articles. The higher the gem, the more precious the model becomes. All models above Amethyst are exclusive to The Chateau, the “Precious level kittens” represent the face of our brand both online and at public events and we are very proud of them.

From everyone here at The Chateau, we sincerely hope you enjoy the new site and look for new and exciting features here to come in the next few months as we expand!

The Chateau