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The Chateau is an online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kittenplay lifestyle.

We welcome new people to join our growing family.

What are the perks of being a Model for The Chateau?

*Subject to Terms and Conditions, as well as your active participation as a Model in The Chateau.

How to be accepted as a kitten model in the Chateau?

Watch the following video to hear from Isibella herself! She explains how they go through the applications.

How to get into The Chateau?

Kittenplay how to get into The Chateau?

Posted by The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply as a Model?
  1. Create a profile by filling out the form below. Please note, if you are already registered as a member, you will have to log out to apply as a model.
  2. Input correct and complete details as required.
  3. Upload application photos that:
    • Are clear, high quality, preferably professionally taken
    • Have your kitten ears worn; app filters are not considered — we are a catgirl magazine after all
  4. To know if we successfully received your application, after sending the form, you should be redirected to your newly created profile, that says, “Account Type: Applicant”.
Do I need modeling experience to be accepted in The Chateau?

No modeling experience is required. As long as you meet the standards of the magazine’s style and image, and photo guidelines, you definitely can be a part of The Chateau.

What ages, body types, and genders do you accept in The Chateau?

We only accept 18 years old and above. Kitten play, being a sub-category of BDSM, we definitely do not support minors partaking in an adult lifestyle and community.

The Chateau strongly believes in self-love and body positivity, so we accept kittens of ALL shapes and sizes (height and weight don’t matter), as well as women (by birth or trans) of ALL genders, so long as you have a feminine look.
In The Chateau family, we do our best to be accepting and supportive of one another.

Do I have to wear lingerie, be sexy, do nude?

You may see that The Chateau kittens are often in lingerie, but it is not a requirement. You would be free to be as clothed as you prefer, although we encourage you to be at your sexiest self!
We also do not allow full nudity on our photosets. The most nudity we shall accept is implied nude.

Do I have to be in the US/Colorado to join? What if I cannot come to the US?

We welcome ALL races and nationalities. We have kittens from all over the world — Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, you name it!
Some of our most active and highest ranking kittens on the website are not even in the US.

Can I still model for other websites/magazines if I join The Chateau?

Yes, you are free to model elsewhere aside from The Chateau if:

  • The website/magazine is not a direct competitor (e.g. pet play magazines)
  • No other website/magazine will publish or sell the exact photosets you submit to us, with exceptions of:
    (1) the photos you allow other websites/magazines to publish are different than what you submit to The Chateau
    (2) you sell your own content on a modeling platform (e.g. OnlyFans, ModelCentro, etc) that are not publications
How many applicants are accepted every review?

We usually accept 5-10 models per review of applications out of dozens we receive monthly.

I sent my application. Was I accepted or not?

We review applications usually on a monthly basis. Now that The Chateau is busier with events and media features, we still try to review applications every month, however it is subject to change depending on our schedule. We do not send out rejection letters, nor do we confirm application status for those who follow up.

Unless you have the following, consider your application pending:

  • Acceptance letter
  • Certificate
  • Your profile must indicate “Account Type: Model” when you login
  • You will be added to our exclusive Facebook group
  • Occasionally, there are glitches in the system that accidentally tags an applicant as a model (e.g. gaining access to model-exclusive pages, being listed under newly accepted models, profile showing model standing/ranking, etc.). We apologize for any confusion but there is no other way we announce when an applicant has been approved to be a model, other than the items listed above. If you have not received the said confirmation, your application has not been accepted.

    Why was my application rejected?

    We do not send out rejection letters because aside from it’s heartbreaking to do, we simply do not have the luxury to do so given the applications we receive and review.

    Below are possible reasons as to why your application was rejected:

    • No cat ears on the application photos — while we want to welcome all women to join us, The Chateau is a CATGIRL magazine, therefore we focus only on kitten models.
    • Low quality application photos
    • Incomplete information on your application form
    • The application form did not go through at all — you can check above how to know if it was successfully submitted to us
    I was not accepted. Can I apply again?

    Didn’t get in? Don’t worry, you can always reapply, so don’t be too discouraged. Maybe you did not get accepted for not following the guidelines properly, so make sure you do next time!  🙂

    Were applications reviewed yet?

    The latest review of applications and acceptance of new kittens was in April 2020. Unless we announce a new litter of accepted kittens via our Facebook and/or Instagram, review of applications has not yet been made.

    FAQ last updated on April 17, 2020.