Christmas cocktails! The Kris Kringle Effect.



I call this cocktail

The Kris Kringle Effect

I love this and although I admit the picture is not my own however they do truly look like this once made. I would advise making just before guests arrive, however you can skewer the cranberries and leave in some iced water in the fridge for a couple of hours prior to assembly. The little bamboo sticks used here I got the same from the local grocery store last Christmas although any novelty (heat proof) stick works a treat. If you cant thread on your cranberries let them bob on the liquid before putting on your snow white topping!
So here’s how its done…..
To make 4
Spear your cranberries as detailed above.
Pour 350ml Fresh cranberry juice into a sauce pan, and gently over a medium heat bring to a gentle simmer.
Turn the heat down and add 60ml Golden Rum and 60ml Cointreau you can increase or decrease this according to your taste. stir to blend and continue to heat on a low heat for 1 minuet. 
**At this point you can put to one side and return to the heat just before your guests arrive to re-heat **
Lastly when your ready decant into your glasses and dollop on a generous helping of thick snowy whipped into frosty peaks cream. Garnish with your skewers and serve hot to melt away any frosty fingers and bring a rosy glow back to your guests who will hopefully be lost in christmassy heaven as soon as they get a whiff of the aromas leaking from your kitchen ….
An alternative If your not a big fan of rum or Cointreau is to use 60ml each of crème de cacao or peppermint schnapps 
I have always use golden rum as it has a festive spice to it and a splash Cointreau for that traditional orange aroma associated with Christmas.
Enjoy 😀