#adoptmechateau winners! + Honorable mentions

#Adoptmechateau Christmas contest winners!

Yesterday The Chateau picked it’s winners for the #adoptmechateau December contest. There were lots of fantastic submissions via instagram. The theme was Christmas, two kittens were picked. 1) @kittycollasjustholla and @theoceanstorm

Both kittens have been adopted for December into the Chateau and will have profile pages soon so keep an eye out for these new girls! Oceanstorm actually made several submissions, and we have included her nutcracker themed photo also in the honorable mentions!

Below we will show you the winners, but also some honorable mentions for over submissions we enjoyed/considered!


1.@kittycollasjustholla  2. @theoceanstorm


Honorable mentions:

1.@missholylquinn 2. @iseedesolation 3. @violet.daze 4. @mako_buns 5.@kittylittlek 6.@theoceanstorm for her 2nd nutcracker themed submission. 7.Unable to locate submission. 8. @witchykxtty 9.@little_miezekatze 10. @thegorequeen

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