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  1. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    I am ecstatic to find another lover of carousel. I absolutely adore your tattoo. Your silver collar and bell are truly playful. Did you make it yourself? If so, I would love to learn how. Keep up the terrific work.

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Hey thanks!! I added the bell to a collar I already owned. I found the bell at Micheal’s it’s so big and jingly!!

  2. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

    aren’t you just an adorable gift under the tree <3

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Mew mew ^.^ Thank you!

  3. KeeTeaKat KeeTeaKat says:

    Love this set! Your hair/outfit/look is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Thank you! I got the outfit from Spencer’s <3

  4. Kiurym Kiurym says:

    Such a seductive set! You look stunning <3 I especially love the light up candy cane as an accessory~

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Thank you! My gent found that and made the great decision to use it in the set <3 I was so tempted to eat it ^.^

  5. That hair! Yes! It’s so perfect for this set. I love how bold it is.

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Thank you! I love how bold colors look on me <3 They put me in my best kitty space!

      1. We all have our things that do that, right? I like a bright red lip on myself. 😉

  6. Super festive, love it!

    1. Lustfulpet Lustfulpet says:

      Thank you! Christmas time is my favorite time of year <3

  7. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

    I love this set and the big bell was the perfect touch!

  8. November November says:

    Super cute and very esthetically pleasing

  9. Toxic Toxic says:

    Super cute!. I love it 🙂

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