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11 thoughts on “”

  1. Toxic Toxic says:

    Yes I get snow :). I love but hate it lol.

  2. Absolutely love these images!!! So meowgical!!

  3. You are so very stunning Miss Claudia. I love these photos very much!!

  4. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning! I love but hate the snow all at the same time lol I love watching it snow sooo much and I love being in it for a little bit before I feel I need to hop in a hot bath.

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      Whenever it happens I just want to run out in it and take pictures quickly!

      1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

        I was in NY visiting some friends and had it snowed for a bit longer I would have definitely taken some snow pics lol I hope we get to see more snow pics of you in the future.

  5. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    I’m originally from North Dakota, so yes, it snows quite a bit there. However, if I were to try and get a beautiful snow shoot, Colorado does a great job. This shoot is absolutely inspirational.

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      its snowing right now where I am working 😛

  6. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    Wow that snow looks beautiful. In my part of the UK it’s rare, the little snow we do get is never more than a few cm. Stunning pics sis! Before the revamp I was unable to log in and read everything with ease, I’m. So glad that I can log in now and catch up on all this beautiful content that I had missed out on

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      oh I am glad you are able to login properly meow! <3

      Also, thank you

      1. A_Kitty_A A_Kitty_A says:

        Beautiful photos. A real snow Queen.

        It doesn’t snow very often in London. About once a year. With varying results x

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