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13 thoughts on “”

  1. Toxic Toxic says:

    Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    1. It was a great time!

  2. DeviantMynx DeviantMynx says:

    What a fun and relaxing outing!! Such beautiful smiles on everyone and so happy to see bonding happening between sisters.

    1. It was really nice, this year I felt a lot more connected with the community and it was super nice. <3

  3. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    OMG yesssss!! I love this! I would have definitely joined this fun for sure!

    1. We are trying to make it a tradition for the ball weekend going forward, it was a little last minute this time but we would like to get as many kittens to come with as possible next time and I will absolutely let you know!

      1. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

        Yay!!! I know I want to attend one of the balls for sure so this can be something else for me to look forward to ^_^!

  4. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

    I love how people kept asking ” What are you dressed up for?” ….. we just look like this people 😛

    1. Claudia, it was great. Watching people trying to decide what to think or feel was pretty entertaining.

      1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

        Plus it was nice to get out and about

  5. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    What did u name your new friend? I’m glad you had such a great time and honestly I am a little envious of being for far and unable to attend and Chateau events or gatherings

  6. November November says:

    So cute! I absolutely need to join next time!

  7. This is so cute! Next time I will have to come with you guys!

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