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21 thoughts on “”

  1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

    CLAUDIA, WHAT AN OUTFIT! Those boots are fantastic and you look so beautiful

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      thank you so much! I was attending a fetish party over zoom 😛

    2. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      How are things looking for you at home with all this @VioletNeko ?

      1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

        honestly it is a struggle, 3 short tempered and stubborn at that …all isolating together in a tiny house 😛 I am extremely grateful for time with my family though, I moved back to mum after around 7 years- an adjustment but a blessing too <3

  2. Toxic Toxic says:

    Love the outfit. You look gorgeous. I’ve been playing videogames, reading,watching TV and packing to move. Hope you are well .

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      oooh!! When are ya moving??

  3. You look hot af. There were a few munches over zoom, but not any play parties that I know of. Hopefully I can attend one soon!

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      thank you!!

      Ya it was pretty fun, they usually do a club event so it was neat to see everyone dancing and interacting and playing from their houses, we know some of our friends a lot better now.. 😛

  4. November November says:

    Oh my, you can be my Easter bunny all year long babe

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      *wiggles around excitedly * 🙂

  5. says:

    You are so fun ty for posting this!

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      I actually almost didnt, but am glad that I decided to <3

      1. says:

        I’m glad you did too!!

  6. Danie_hahn Danie_hahn says:

    I love the club vibe in these photos

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      Ya, when we do clubnights over zoom, I try really hard to get into the spirit of it!

  7. Lunawhispurr Lunawhispurr says:

    Stunning outfit. I’ve just been trying to busy myself with The Craft & flow arts.

    1. ClaudiaRylie ClaudiaRylie says:

      I was just organizing my craft room a little the other day and realized I have some costumes that need repairs and updates myself actually! Its a good way to busy oneself during all this mess

  8. Toxsuki Toxsuki says:

    What an awesome look for a fetish zoom event I love it! I have been keeping myself busy with remote work and lots of video games lol

  9. KikiLolita KikiLolita says:

    Gothic leather bunny! I love this look. Especially the crimped hair.

  10. Tygerheart Tygerheart says:

    Woman you are breathtaking

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