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A Kitten’s Slave Getaway

The powerful dynamic of a Master and slave is truly beautiful. That exciting warm feeling of being owned by someone, and having rules to follow (or risk punishments) is wonderful. The rush of someone, in free will, submitting themselves to you and giving your power over to them is exhilarating. Each party gives time, energy, and love while never pushing the other into things they have identified as hard limits or ignoring the health of the other. A lovely M/s couple once expressed to me that while the slave is there to serve, their first rule is actually self care. To take care of the Master’s most prized possession; their slave. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a taste of this wonderful dynamic.

The Birth of a Contract

Over the weekend of August 7th to 10th, I was able to make a trip to the Denver area for a fun Kittenpalooza hosted at the Domus Nobilis Viae household.  I was able to meet many of my kitten sisters while there and experience my first dungeon party. We did all this while following Covid 19 protocols by checking everyone’s temperature as they entered the threshold and asking anyone who felt unwell or had exposure or possible exposure to remain at home to quarantine. We also limited each gathering to a small number of people. As amazing as those all sound, this article is about my time serving Master Patrick, head of the household, as a temporary salve. Here I will cover my personal experience as mine will be different from others who also serve/served him.

It’s quite funny how I found myself in this situation actually. Weeks before my flight, I casually joked about being a house kitten for the weekend. Saying I’d even be someone’s foot rest! That’s when Master Patrick messaged me in a group chat involving two other people (as witnesses that there was no coercion) and provided me the opportunity of being a house slave for the weekend. While taken back at first, I do have a slave side that I haven’t been able to explore yet, I decided to take this chance to talk to  Puppy (my primary partner/Dom). I asked if it would be ok if I welcomed this opportunity, he very happily said yes.

Master Patrick and I dove right into it and covered what I’d like to experience and get out my time as a slave. We covered limits and what I, as well as Puppy, were comfortable with as far as punishments and how physical things would be. We settled on punishments involving loss of furniture privilege and possible time outs. Any touch, other than head pats or giving me treats (Swedish Fish), would be initiated by me and never without consent.  After discussing the basics, we announced to the others staying in the house for the event that this was going to be taking place to provide opportunity for 3rd party consent. 

 To further solidify everything and have a clear understanding of my duties for the weekend, I was sent a very detailed contract draft to review with Puppy and edit as we wished. Puppy and I went section by section to confirm we both understood everything and agreed to what was stated. There were a few things we added. An example would be in a section that stated for me to ask permission before partaking in any alcohol, tobacco, etc. Puppy added a limit of 3 drinks a night, with which I had no issue. After we finished going through the draft, I notified Master Patrick and he double checked to confirm we changed everything we felt needed changed, and that he agreed to the modifications. Thus my first ever slavehood/BDSM contract was formed.

My collar with the Domus Nobilis Viae Emblem 

A Slave’s Duties

After I rested from my early flight (6am est), I was called to the Master’s room where the other slaves knelt before him. I watched them ask for the opportunity to serve him for the day, in which he gladly accepted. I was then handed a printed copy of my contract to sign. After signing I knelt before him, like the others did, and was collared. Master Patrick explained the significance of my collar and how he was honored to take me on as a temporary slave and to care for me. I then followed suit and offered my hands for him to take and asked to be able to serve him for the day and my heart skipped a beat as he happily said yes.

 As a slave I wore a collar that had the house’s emblem and during main events, a matching apron. I was to serve the guests and make sure they always had what they needed, as well as Master Patrick. At meal times, my slave sisters and I worked together to get everything ready. Once it was time to eat, we stood by our chairs until everyone else was seated and the Master gave us permission to be seated. Other times I gladly sat on the floor next to the Master whenever I wanted and was treated with many fishies (treats) throughout my stay. He always made sure to check in on me and my preexisting conditions and always made sure I rested or had my compression socks/braces when needed.

As much as I loved serving throughout the day, my favorite was when the day ended. At night, my slave sisters and I would gather in a circle once again and kneel before Master Patrick. There we would thank him for letting us serve that day, and be thanked for our service. The thing that stuck with me was how he would ask for one thing we really enjoyed about the day and something we wished was better and how he could help. I found this really refreshing as normal check-ins like this aren’t actually normalized enough! It’s something I will gladly implement into my other dynamics. Our morning and night rituals would always end in hugs from him and my slave sisters. After all our hugs and goodnights I would curl up comfortably in a cage stuffed with blankets and stuffies to sleep.

Me sleeping in my cage

Final Thoughts

The morning I left was very bittersweet for me. I woke up very early for my flight and participated in my last morning ritual. I thanked Master Patrick for allowing me to serve him and his guests for the weekend and then I was uncollared. It was very emotional for me. I hugged him and my slave sisters as I am now part of this special family regardless of if I’m serving or not. I most definitely found new things I hope to bring or implement into my dynamic with my current and future partners. I learned so much about myself as well. I found that my need to serve in a slave headspace overpowered my usual bratty kitten attitude which was very different for me as well as my true need to serve someone. This was also my first non-sexual dynamic experience. It was very refreshing and just as intimately beautiful as ever. I will always miss the collar on my neck and can’t wait to be able to return as a house slave once again and back into my new family’s arms.