Diamond Pet is the highest ranking achievement available to cat girls at the Chateau, it is an absolute honor to have this rank bestowed upon you. All of the ranks listed below are achievable through merits, and each level has it’s own matching collar, ears and tail to indicate visually what achievement the girl has obtained.

Here are the requirements for Diamond pet

  • At least 5 photo sets  taken for the chateau and not published elsewhere

  • The girl must have attended a real time Chateau event

  • Have a published cover

  • Own diamond level Chateau Collar

  • Have an official Chateau blog

  • Live and reside as a resident cat girl at the Chateau manor

  • Receive paid income for additional photoshoots from the Chateau

  • Have at least 20 videos submitted for the Chateau website

  • Have published at least 10 articles for the website.

  • Create an official Chateau facebook/tumblr/instagram fan page

  • i.e   Le Chat Botte (Chateau)