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Mew Mew! California kitten here! I'm happily & ethically into BDSM & polyamory lifestyle~ I enjoy videogames, good food, reading, crafting, hikes, and so much more! Any questions?

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With the quarantine and social distancing still occurring, I've had plenty of time to organize my things. I thought a wonderful thing to do would be to make a blog about how I keep some of my toys. Here are some of my special pieces that I decided that I…
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As you drive seemingly through an endless desert, all you see is sand and dry plants with a hint of mountains in the background. But not all is at it seems. Look closer. You'll find sculptures of wild horses in a nearby field, sabertooth tigers in pursuit, and desert tortoises…
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I stumbled across this delicious recipe on social media and I had to adapt it for my own taste! One of my partner's has a particular love for Crème Brûlée; so how could I not make a scrumptious, boozy, kitten form for him to try! I make all my recipes with…
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Originally a mid-west kitten, out here in SoCal makes me miss all the lush greenery, forests, and mild weather. While I'm saving up for a home, I'm fortunate enough to be renting a place that has a small patio that I've started a garden on. From some fruit tress, to…
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