Hello, I’m Pastel Quartz!

Hello, cute humans and pets! I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and give a bit of a synopsis of who I am and what I like to do. My name is Pastel Quartz (quartzkitten) and I snuggle up at night in Tampa, Florida. I have been in the Chateau since April and I am Amethyst in ranking, which is also my birthstone hehe. I make YouTube videos for lots of sweet angels about Kittenplay, makeup, my daily life, and much more! I am not only a kitten, but I am a little at the bright-eyed age of 3! I have been participating in pet play for about a year now, but have been acting on little traits for many years. Since joining this community I have been much happier and more whole as a person. It has tried my strength and also the strength of my relationship with my Master, but ultimately it has made us stronger. That being said, yes, I am owned and also freshly collared! I am a spoiled princess by my handsome owner and am fed many donuts. Aside from that, I also own and operate my own online etsy store for kawaii kitten gear. I just recently learned to sew and feel that I am coming a long way in a short time. I love nothing more than seeing the smiles on my customer’s faces when they receive their items! My interests are singing, drawing/painting, crafting, making videos, modeling, makeup, fashion, Japanese culture, and many more things that could go on forever! I have an INFJ personality type and I’m an Aquarius, which may or may not interest you, but I am proud! I have quite a few tattoos that are mostly very girly, as that’s what I love. If you have any cute anime recommendations send them my way! If you’re lucky, I’ll share my Pocky! Hehe. Thanks for reading, nya!

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  1. Hokkyo
    Ohayō, Hokkyo! says:

    We seem to have a lot of similar interest. I am a super weeb myself. I spend most of my free time being a spoiled princess while munching & watching anime. :3 I frequently visit Tampa. My boyfriend lives there. One day maybe we can set up a Chateau shoot!

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