How Does A Kitten Maintain Her Coat?

How does a kitten maintain her coat?


As kittens, we all know it is very impurrrrtant to stay well-groomed and purrrfectly maintained! I am going to share with you my skin and hair regimen so that you, too, can make sure to be the polished feline everyone adores.

First let’s talk about coloring our coats! If you are a pastel princess like myself, or plan to be, you will need to follow these basic steps for getting and maintaining these magical colors:
♡ Get your hair bleached by a professional using Olaplex. Olaplex is a 3-step product that helps keep the bonds of your hair together for minimal to no damage while bleaching. It also helps the hair lighten quicker and lighter than it would without. I had my hair bleached with Olaplex two times in one sitting and my hair felt even BETTER than it did prior to bleaching. It is the most AMAZING sorcery I have ever witnessed! It is very important to maintain the integrity of your hair. So please be sure to not do this alone.
♡ After your hair is lightened to a light yellow-blonde shade, it is time is tone! I swear by Shimmer Lights purple shampoo. I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, apply the shampoo thoroughly through my hair, and put it up in a shower cap for an hour or so. Your hair should be a nice platinum with silver tones now. Completely rid of yellows and brass.
♡ Now that your hair is toned and the ideal shade for a pastel color, take your favorite shade and a big bowl of WHITE conditioner and start adding little drops of dye while stirring. I prefer a conditioner of almost gel/cream texture, as it doesn’t slip and slide all over the hair and holds in place. *Remember: Make the color a bit darker in the bowl than you want it on your head, it will turn out lighter after washing* Once you have your desired color, apply! I usually leave my dye in for multiple hours. 2 at the LEAST. These colors don’t have ammonia in them, so it will not hurt your hair.
♡ Yay! You now have the mermaid coat of your dreams! There is nothing better than a fairy kitten.

Okay, so your coat is dyed, but how do you keep it looking fresh? Here’s how:
♡ Take a white conditioner and drop some of your dye into it just like before. Funnel the mixture back into the conditioner bottle and leave in the shower for easy access. Every time you wash your hair, condition with this solution for 5-10 minutes to refresh any lost pigment.
♡ Purple shampoo! Whenever your color starts getting those dreaded yellow tones, but apply purple shampoo to those icky spots and let it sit for an hour and rinse. You may need to do this a few times over the span of a few days.
♡ Lastly, once it has faded beyond the color you desire, re-dye it! You can do this as often as you please. As I said before, the color dye you use should not have ammonia in them. Some good brands are Arctic Fox, Pravana, Special Effects, and Ion Color Brights!

Now we have learned how to maintain color, but what about keeping our coat healthy and shiny? Well…
♡ COCONUT OIL! Raw, organic coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer and hair repair treatment. Just put a scoop in a microwave safe bowl and heat until melted. Apply to the ends of your hair and run the excess through your roots. I recommend leaving in the hair for a couple of hours. Sometimes I even sleep with it in a shower cap. Do this once a week! Your hair will love it.
♡ Don’t wash often. Washing your hair strips the natural oils from it and makes it dry and split. Instead try washing every other day, but if you can handle it, once a week. I know, crazy. BUT, pony tails and pinned back bangs are kinda cute on those greasy days. Your hair will seriously thank you.
♡ Don’t use shampoo with sulfates or parabens. They are drying and damaging to the hair shaft. Try a more natural approach!
♡ Use a moisturizing/repairing conditioner. Leave in the hair for the duration of your shower and rinse with cold water at the end to seal those follicles and hold in the nutrients.
♡ A leave-in conditioning treatment or oil after washing is your best friend as well.
♡ Don’t forget to treat your hair to masks and deep conditioning treatments from time to time as well. I will post some great home recipes later!

Let’s talk skin, shall we?
Skin care is one of my many passions and is very n ear and dear to my heart. I take great pride in maintaining my skin health and helping others with theirs. So, let’s walk through my daily routine:
♡ Wake up and splash some warm water on my face. This opens the pores and gets them ready to take in the deep-cleaning of the cleanser.
♡ Use a mild skin cleanser. I love using Japanese cleansing oils as they remove all of the oil and dirt and residue.
♡ Rinse with cold water to seal the pores.
♡ Next step is toning. I like to use a homemade mixture of green tea and lemon juice. It is a great astringent and has loads of antioxidants that protect skin from free-radicals.
♡ Moisturize! It is so important! Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is so necessary. I know you may worry about it making your skin worse, but cellular turnover happens monthly. So in the beginning it will make it seem worse, but after it sheds that layer, it will begin accepting the moisture and using it to your benefit. DO NOT cleanse more than twice a day. You may think it will help to dry out your oily skin, but really you are working on making your skin MORE OILY! It strips your skin of the natural oils and forces it to work even harder to produce extra amounts of that oil that you hate!
♡ Come night time, I splash with warm water again and use my cleansing oil until all of my makeup is removed. Rinse with cold.
♡ I treat myself to a cold sheet mask or clay/gel mask. I choose the type depending on what I think my skin needs that day.
♡ After the mask, I tone again with my solution.
♡ Moisturize!
♡ Now, at night I use a sugar lip scrub and get rid of all the dead skin. After that, I put a heavy duty lip balm on and then place a plastic film over my lips for 20 minutes. It makes your lips suck up that moisture! any film will work, even cling wrap. I use Chu lip films!
♡ After that, I treat my hands to some hand cream and put some socks over my hands for about 20 minutes. Put a good anime on! You can’t use your phone during this! hehe

These are all of my skin care and hair tips to help keep a lovely kitten coat! I will be back soon with some hair and skin mask recipes! I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading, nyaa!

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