Choosing a formal collar for the dominate kitten

Welcome back. Here I am it being a nice quiet winter evening and I realize I have not been gifted with a “formal collar”.  Now what a formal collar means to me, is one I can where out to the theater, dinner around non-kitten lifestyle individuals and not have to explain.

Some days I wish to remain under the wire, discrete not that I believe there is anything wring with my lifestyle choices more that I am not interested in engaging or explaining.  In a similar way celebrities my wish to just fit in for the ease of their day.

I live the majority of my time either extremely casual due to my very active physical activities or dressed to 9’s and rather tastefully.

My needs for a formal collars needs first and foremost comfort, beauty and elegance, ease of application and removal and finally cost.  As I google “gold fancy collars” I am hit with pages of pet plat for Fifi or fido, heavy duty industrial grade slave collars and then fashion collars.  I find the market is lacking an extensive couture non-webbing formal collar.

I did find I fancied Agent Provocateur’s gold and   swarovski “diamond” collar and cuff set with matching chain connectors for the “mere” investment of $795 for the collar and $795 for the cuff set.  Now this IS the premiere desired collar set for THE pampered kitten.


Now if this invest is a bit too rich for your taste, I suggest looking at Etsy, Mockingbirdlanewire, which makes custom fancy metal collar designers. I found one designer which caught this kitten’s eye like a squirrel on a tree limb. Her collars start around $49 USD easy up to $300 plus. From stock to custom metals, charms, clasp closures and neck size. Not AP is on one size for neck and stock sizes for wrist cuffs. Not a good choice of your size is outside the standard.


I found

I have yet to test drive either collar but I have my eye on both. I will be requesting to my maitre my interest in both.


I find having options for the many facets in my life which also includes kitten play is ideal.  As being a mature kitten, and what I define as a mature kitten in one over 35, and with a child in high school, discretion is ideal.


I shall continue my search on fancy collars options and update as I field test some.

Till then happy pettings and submitting.



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  1. catastra
    catastra says:

    Love the article, thank you! Did you have a chance to try out any of those collars? I’ve seen the plain wired circle day collars that stores like tiggerscollars sell, but I’d love to find something more unique than the same old steel-circle-and-heart-tag day collar. Ideally I’d also like to find something in sterling silver for day wear, as opposed to steel, because if I’m not going to be playing in it, I don’t need steel. 🙂

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