10 Ideas/Activities for Kittens in LDRs


In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find oneself in an LDR at some point or another. Whether the person is a few hours away, a whole state away, or all the way across the ocean, we sometimes cannot help who we fall for, or change circumstances that prevent you and your significant other(s) from being together. It can be frustrating and put a strain on the relationship, especially if communication is lacking. This can be increasingly difficult in a Pet/Owner Dynamic, where the dynamic cannot be physically/in person played out.

I myself, as well as many other Kittens I am sure, have found themselves in this position, or are currently experiencing this. My partner is a whole state away, and though we have been dating for a little over two years, we have not been able to experience each other in person much due to this distance. A few months ago, I officially introduced them to the brilliant world of Petplay and the dynamic and the last time they were here in person, we mildly experimented and it was quite fun. Soon, however, it came time for them to leave for home once again…


What does one do when their Owner/partner is miles away from them? How does one cope and keep the dynamic and Petplay relationship alive and functioning? Ponder no more, for here are some tips to keep both parties invested:

1. Playtime Over Skype/Video Chat Service 

Just because your partner isn’t there in person to play with you doesn’t mean they can’t! Gather up your toys or scatter them about the room and have your partner ask for you to bring certain ones or bat/toss/push them around. Bonus: have a little bowl of your favorite treat and have your partner allow you one every time you do as told!

2. Chores

Have your partner give you a list of chores/tasks for you to complete for the day, or even week! This can be anything from tidying up the house/yard to self-care. Your partner can have you send pics for proof or rely on the honor-system to make sure you did it. If you can, wear your kitten gear as you go along to make it more fun/immersive!

3. Commands

Have your partner issue commands during a video call, either verbally or with hand signals! This can be as simple as your average sit, speak (meow), and lie down, to position training. Bonus: Again, your partner can allow you a treat every time you do it correctly!

4. Rules & Punishments

My partner and I do this, and it is quite fun! Have your partner jot down a small list of simple rules (we mainly do self-care ones) for you to follow each day, and, consequently, a list of mild punishments. Rules can be anything such as simply drink at least two bottles of water per day (if rules are focused more on self care) to dress up and do a mini photo shoot once a week or always keep your collar on when possible/keep a Kitten toy with you, while punishments can be done either on the honor system or over a video call, such as, balance an open water bottle on your head for a set amount of time, no furniture privilege during the video call,  or having to hold a position for a set time. These suggestions might not be everyone’s cup of tea or dynamic – my partner isn’t fully invested, so we haven’t done much bigger than those!

5. Kitten Talk

This one is a little silly but can be quite fun! If you are a vocal Kitten, try telling your owner a story or something using just ‘meows’ and paw gestures. It doesn’t always get across what you are trying to convey, but it is quite amusing and will certainly give you and your partner a laugh if you need one!

6. Make a Kitten Den

Have your partner help make a little den for Kitten! Gather up blankets, pillows, whatever you find comfy, and following your partner’s suggestions and choices, construct a little Kitten den. To add to the fun, try doing this without using your fingers (like a cat’s paw!)

7. ASMRs

If you listen to ASMRs, have your partner make a petplay-themed ASMR just for you! This is great for when your partner cannot be an a call with you/finds themselves busy.

8. Care Packages

Care packages are always wonderful, no matter the theme! Have your partner create a Kitten themed care package (toys, snacks, collars, ears, cat-themed things, etc.) Alternatively, you can create one for your partner! Even if you just wish to send a cute card/letter, care packages are a great way for staying connected as well as for a pleasant sur~purrise!

9. Virtual Dates

Just because you can’t in person, doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date! Have you partner pick your ears, collar, and clothing (or lack of thereof) and conduct a virtual date! You can watch a movie together, plan dinner and eat together over video, or have more risqué fun- the choice is yours!

And last but not least….

 10. Make Plans to Visit Each Other

On the days when loneliness sets in hard, lighten it up by making plans to see each other! Discuss all the details such as when and where and what activities you would like to do, both in general and in your Petspace. This is a fun way to bypass loneliness and augment excitement!


There you have it – I hope you enjoyed these 10 ideas/activities and find one useful to try towards your LDR, if you are in need of suggestions! Stay strong, know that you are not alone, and distance can make the heart grow fonder. It won’t be long until you can curl up with your partner again!

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  1. DeviantMynx
    DeviantMynx says:

    GloomyPaws, great article. This can be applied to all relationships to help keep structure and spice things up I think. Question; what is ASMR? Thank you for all of these ideas! As I tend to be a brat in my role of my relationship, I need some of this, but we all could use the video calls or virtual time when say one is working. Love it!!

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  2. GloomyPaws
    GloomyPaws says:

    Thank you! Glad you found the article to be helpful ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – a calming/tingling, pleasant experience that can be achieved through sounds such as whispering, tapping/clicking, crackling, meowing/purring, etc. kind of like a brain massage! There’s a bunch of them on YouTube ranging from videos with sounds that help sleep, to themed softly-spoken roleplays such as PetPlay themed, to even calming, positive words of affirmation. Depending on the genre, they can be a great method to relax/calm your head, or even put you in headspace (I often listen to Kittenplay themed ones!)

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