Cica Kitten FAQ – What is a Cica Kitten?

  1. What is a Cica kitten within kittenplay, what does it represent in the Chateau?

A lot of the Chateau is just the revival of dresses and gowns, as well as classic lingerie, peignoirs, burlesque, crosests, elegance, etc with a touch of BDSM kittenplay protocol thrown in. Think of it more like a Geisha choice of life, more like finishing school, less like just being a model for a magazine. A Cica kitten girl in The Chateau is more like a lifestyle choice that a model can make, a Cica should represent the height of femininity, she is 18-24, as it’s important to note, the minimal age legally to register for the Chateau is legally 18 years and older.

  • How does a Cica kitten behave?

a Cica is sweet, kind and beautiful, desired by all! Recognized by her kitten ears and silver collar, she should represent this at realtime Chateau events and all social activities she attends. She should be the sort of creature than men will fall over backwards for and shower with trinkets and roses. She oozes a cuteness that both men and women long to be in her presence, she also possess an innocence of character that the Mayka, her older kitten sister does not, but she has a wild side and knows how to entertain at parties and have fun, she is educated, the sort of girl who owns corsets, she may even be corset trained, can dance, paint and sing and even serve tea in a kitten/owner ceremony like setting, she may also know burlesque, like traditional ancient skills, she is a revival of ancient arts of traditional beauty and allure, the Cica is a rare creature to be treasured.  <3

  • Are all Chateau girls Cica?

No, to become a Cica, or Mayka for that matter is purely a choice of the model within The Chateau, not all models become one or have to become one.

  • What is the minimum requirement to become a Cica or Mayka?

All Cica/Mayka must attend a series of summer classes in order to earn the title and have attended at least one real time Chateau event. Is also worth noting you cannot become a Mayka until you are 25 years or older.

  • Is this a sexual thing?

Much like the Geisha is no longer a sexual thing, and more arts based, neither is the Cica, a lot of the arts taught are like the traditional skills of the Courtesan (singing, painting, dancing etc) However that is not to say they do not have a sensual application, meaning, if you want to take those skills and use them in your personal relationships with your partners in the bedroom then absolutely you can, the portions like the tea ceremonies and shibari classes could definitely be used within BDSM protocols for events and the bedroom. For the most part however, think of this more as a Victorian Finishing school with the focus on etiquette that you can take with you and use in your day to day life.

  • How can you recognize a Cica or Mayka kitten over other kittens?

Cica kittens and Mayka receive a special metal diamond shaped tag with swarovski crystals after completing classes at the Chateau, this tag is unique and not available elsewhere, the tag is engraved with Cica or Mayka on it, once the girl has earned the title, it is also added to their official Chateau profiles and allowed to be added to their social media accounts. they can wear that tag on their chateau collar as a symbol of their status within The Chateau.

  • How do I become a Cica?

You must first be a Pearl level or above model within the Chateau to be eligible to train/take classes for the Cica or Mayka title. You must be between 18-24 years old. Anyone who is Pearl level or above can state they are a Cica in training if they are intending on attending classes in the future, likewise anyone over 25 can state they are a Mayka in training with The Chateau.

  • When is the next series of classes/finishing school for Cica/Mayka?

The next classes are June 24th to June 27th held at The Chateau cat girl manor and on it’s grounds, you can find out more details here: –

  • What if I am over 24 years old? Am I still eligible to become a Cica?

No, however you are still eligible for becoming a Mayka in status, but you must still complete the classes a Cica would take first.

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