False and Flirty: A Beginner’s Guide and Review of Magnetic Eyelashes

Even before becoming a Chateau kitten, I knew absolutely nothing about what it meant to wear make-up glamorously.  I didn’t wear false eyelashes or know the impact that they have on someone’s appearance.  Upon my acceptance to The Chateau, I tried wearing them once.  It was a tragic mess.  They were glue-on lashes and I definitely learned a lesson trying to fumble my way around them.


This article is a review of the latest trend in false eyelashes, the magnetic eyelashes.  I will address a few of the different brands that I use, how they are applied, how long they last, and the benefits and downfalls of them versus the glue-on lashes.


As a novice false-eyelash-wearer, I’m ecstatic about this invention.  They are, in my opinion, the easiest and best way to introduce someone to wearing false eyelashes. Compared to the glue-on lashes, which take considerable precision to measure and trim; the magnetic lashes are much easier to use because they are already cut to length.  Then, when trying to put them in place (the glue type), it takes ample practice to get them right.  If you can apply eyeliner, you can apply the magnetic lashes. All you need to do is match up the small end of the eyelash so that it lines up with your inner eye, voila!!


You can wear false eyelashes at any time, but they can really enhance your eyes when doing a photo shoot.  Many kittens wear them for a night on the town or during their day-to-day life.  They come in many styles and from many designers like Ardell, Kiss, and Eylure.  When I first learned about magnetic eyelashes, I believed the frontrunner of this innovative item was MoxiLash.  Their ads could be found plastered all over Facebook. 


These items are easy to find and can be ordered on Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, or at your local drugstore such as Walgreens or CVS.  Since their introduction, they have become much more affordable.  Most of them can be worn up to 30-40 times.  You will want to keep the packaging. Clean off the lashes and magnets after each wear and return them to their tray to help keep their shape and extend their life. 


When applying the lashes, you will want proper lighting and a mirror with magnification so that you can see clearly.  The instructions for application vary from brand to brand.  The Kiss brand says to make sure to shake the bottle of the liner before applying and says that the lashes can stay on for up to 16 hours.  However, it does not address how many layers to apply, only to apply a band of liner wide enough across the lid to make the lashes stick, and to let it dry before setting the lashes.  This brand also seems to provide the widest variety in styles.


For this article and demonstration, you can see that I have chosen the Kiss brand of lashes.  These pictures are in order of application from start to finish. 




The Eylure lash instructions state to apply three coats of the liner and allow enough time to allow the eyeliner to dry between each coat before applying another layer. The downside is that they do not give any guarantee about how long the lashes can be worn. 


Finally let’s talk about the Ardelle lashes.  These lashes do not come with clear application instructions or wear time.


A couple of downsides to wearing magnetic lenses is sometimes when taking the lashes off of the tray, a magnet may come off of the lashes, but as long as it isn’t on the ends (most come with five to six magnets) they will still wear just fine.  One other downside is that if you take the lashes off to readjust them, you may have to apply more liner before reapplying the lashes.


Overall, I love each pair of magnetic lashes I try.  I do not have a favorite brand, but I do have a preferred style.  Another thing that I also like about using magnetic lashes is that anyone’s brand of magnetic eyeliner works with all of them.  I would encourage any kittens that have been tempted, to give wearing false eyelashes, but who are afraid to because of the messy glue, to consider giving the magnetic lashes a go!

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