Life of the Demanding Kitten in the Submissive world

First, let me introduce myself. I am Kitty Cakes, the name bestowed upon me by my dear kitten sister Persia. I have been a kitten unknown my whole life, then this year I finally connected with what I always knew in my heart and being with kitten life. And the rest as they saw  herstory.

Kitten life found me in the most peculiar way or really it was there all along but I was never fully aware of it. You see, my desire and birth right longing of all things fine, lavish lifestyle and being pamper never seemed as something to be earned but actually something I was BORN to posses.

Some may called this entitlement, but it is far different that than. I do not feel I deserve for other to give me things because I do not feel I am superior to others, instead I know my self worth and my value.  A rose does not bloom in the dessert and I am an exquisite  specimen. With a Leo in my sun and Aquarius in my moon makes for a very regal and interesting combination. Leo seeks, desires, DEMANDS finery, to be lavished upon and will be offended by ending but the best quality.

You see this conundrum of a creature wants so badly to relinquish the reigns and throw all abandonment – to trust her master implicitly.  What it requires a man or woman who stand stand firm and strong in the maelstrom of feeling which come from the fierce desire of a Leo born kitten.  Kitten most know that her master will have all her needs met AND anticipate her needs BEFORE she mentions them.  Then and only then will these raging storm of tantrum, will holding of love and hissing, will become a gentle ball of fluff to lay down at your feet with deep love and admiration.  This kitten knows what she wants and will not accept any less, you will not have to guess when she is unhappy- it will be MORE than evident. In supplicating her needs and desires in the fashion which celebrates and has her believe it was all her wonderful idea will put you on the path to one of the greatest sub missives you can experience.  She is not for the faint of heart or shallow pockets. Stinginess will turn her off as well as mundane attempts at her love or compliance.

The more dominate a kitten is, when she DECIDES yes decides yo be your submissive, you will be showered and treated as the king you deserve. You must first PROVE repeatedly she is a QUEEN. Slack and she will retest you.  She will turn herself over to you only if she feels you deserve her and her mind.  One taste of this type of submissive and you may not want another flavor.

Now for some this may sounds to difficult or too challenging that is ok, there is the submissive out there for you as well and YOUR needs.  Your dominate kitten is generally highly groomed, extremely poised, graceful and magnanimous. She WILL not be your garden variety. This is the kitten wars are waged over and love poems written of.


She wants to know you are stronger than her and that you’ll keep her safe in your arms, heart and soul.  What a glorious adventure you’ll have and if nothing else at all and wonderful sory to have for your own.

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  1. VioletNeko
    VioletNeko says:

    ” She will turn herself over to you only if she feels you deserve her and her mind.” I especially loved this part, the fact that we have all the power sometimes seems overlooked or forgotten, bit it is our choice and gift to give our subservience

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