The Case for Letting Your Kitten on the Furniture

One of the first decisions you must make as a new pet owner is the extent to which you will allow your kitten to use your home’s furniture. While some people would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with their kitten to enjoy their favorite movie, others are more concerned about the potential of shedding fur damaging the upholstery, or a muddy set of pawprints on the countertop.

I, for one, believe that kittens are precious members of the family, and as such should have access to all household amenities. This includes, but is not limited to- the dining room table, all kitchen counters, the sofa, each and every ledge and windowsill, and, of course, the bed. I personally exercise this right by lounging wherever I see fit in the home.

Are you a new owner who hasn’t made a decision quite yet? Below are three reasons why I wholeheartedly believe that you should let your kitten have free range of your furniture!

1. More Room for Quality Time

Why limit the places in your home where you and your kitten can spend time together? Giving your kitten free use of the furniture makes it that much easier to snuggle up in a comfy spot after a long day. Doesn’t it sound lovely to have your kitten sprawled across your lap as you lounge on the couch? True, you may procure a few accidental scratches or find your vision momentarily impaired by the swipe of a tail across your eyes, but these minor inconveniences are worth the bonding you get to experience with your kitten.

2. Let Us Lend a Helping Paw

Owners have busy lives! We know that you’re often occupied with the many demands of life, such as working or running errands. Why not let your kitten hop up on the counter and lend a paw with cooking dinner? Many of us don’t mind getting our paws a little messy to help out our beloved owners. Once the meal is prepared, you may also choose to allow your kitten to lay on the table and serve you. What a deliciously intimate dining experience!

And lastly, the most important reason that you should let your kitten on the furniture…

3. We’re going to do it anyway!

Here is the universal truth to end this debate: a comfy kitty at rest stays at rest. Despite the threat of a well-aimed spray bottle or the tantalizing shake of a pouch of treats, a determined kitten will not be swayed to move if she is comfortable where she is. We kittens adore stretching out on the bed or sofa in a spot of warm sunlight. We are also partial to curiously prowling around on kitchen counters or napping inside of drawers. Whichever piece of furniture we choose to occupy at a given moment, it is my recommendation that you do not attempt to shoo us away.

After all, kittens are regal creatures who deserve the pinnacle of respect from those we own…I mean, those who own us.


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  1. toxsuki
    toxsuki says:

    I want to start by saying I loved this article! The last section gave me a huge giggle as I am kitten that will climb all over everything and I always love to do the…hmmm yup that should hold my weight as I climb up onto whatever it is! I am absolutely in love with climbing on top of my old antique desk lol

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