Valentines Day Self Care

For many, Valentines day is a time filled with happiness, wonder, and joy, but for others its filled with uncertainty, fear, and depression. There’s never a bad time to make sure you are providing yourself adequate self care, but during times of holidays it is especially important to care for your mind and body. For those of you that are ready and excited for the holiday, do remember not to get so wrapped up in the holiday that you forget to do your own self care which could lead to overstimulation and quickly crashing from the hustle of it all.

If you are one of those Kittens that will be staying indoors during this time, it is a great time to fall in love with yourself all over again. Are you ignoring hobbies you used to do and loved completing, do you have a list of chores you need to complete but are ignoring them and letting them pile up? That’s ok. They will still be there when you’re ready to tackle them, but you know what wont be? You if you refuse to take care of yourself.

Do you need some ideas for self care? My biggest life hack for self care is actually just living slowly! Picture this,

You wake up, not wanting to get up yet so you just close your eyes and take in a little but more shut eye. When you are ready to take on the day, you swing your legs over the side of the bed and slide on your slippers or fix your socks. Standing, you do a big stretch in the sunbeams playing through your window curtains. You can hear the birds singing and squirrels playing on the large oak tree right outside your window, any other time you wouldn’t have noticed these things rushing to get on with your day which is a toxic cycle of pleasing others before yourself. Walking down to your little kitchen nook you make yourself a cuppa and just enjoy the warmth of the mug being held between your hands, the comfort of such things you’ve never picked up on before but taking today for yourself you see how comforting your company really is. You pick a dusty book or magazine off your shelf that you’ve forgotten about many months ago, and make yourself comfortable surrounded with blankets, pillows and stuffies. Your dog and cat come sauntering into the room and get just as cozy right beside you, you notice you fur baby is starting to show gray where they didn’t before, have they always have these gray hairs or is this new? You pull them close to you, finding comfort in their purrs and nuzzles, realizing that if it weren’t for living slowly, you wouldn’t have felt the pure love and companionship from them this morning.

Living slowly doesn’t always have to look like this, it can be a moment in time or it can be a lifestyle, but there’s not denying how this is healing. If we can’t find a moment where we realize how we love ourselves, how can we trade that love to someone else? Everyday is a day of your past, it will never happen again, what you trade for today you earn for tomorrow… Tell me below how you plan on spending your valentines day, slowly, filled with love for yourself or others?

photo creds: Pexels

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