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I’m so excited to be going to the JeJu sauna this weekend to relax and take a break from this terribly cold weather! Perhaps I will meet a few other kittens there ^-^




8 thoughts on “JeJu Sauna”

  1. Mocha Haze Mocha Haze says:

    Ooh it looks beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful time ^_^

  2. MinxyCat MinxyCat says:

    Looks so nice and relaxing! Enjoy!
    <3 Minxy =^.^=

    1. VioletNeko VioletNeko says:

      Wow, the 1st ever scratching post! It’s so interesting to see what everyone has posted and wanted to share with us over the years

  3. Wow! This place looks amazing!

  4. AmiraFox AmiraFox says:

    Beautiful spa. Would love to go sometime

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