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BellaDonna Wolf
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BellaDonna, the vampurric wolf witch.
A queer artist interested in equality & diversity. A published model, designer, poet, illustrator, photographer & a modern myth weaver.

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I enjoy spending my time traveling around the beaches, docks, and cliffs around Kauai, Hawaii, USA. The sea has always called to me in a way I cannot describe...But, this place has an especially strong pull on my heart. I really hope to go back soon, but for now I…
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IMG_20200401_141950175~2 I'm enjoying a quiet day in, playing with my favorite mouse. Do you have any favorite kitten-play toys? I'd love to know! Please tell me in the comment section below. Kitten play can happen in may ways. For a solo, or a self owned kitten, we have to find our…
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I was lucky enough to get these beautiful new Shrine Kitsune ears from Kingsley Parlor and am absolutely in love! Here are a few images I took the evening I got them because I was just too excited to wait. My darling was kind enough to allow me to use…
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Photography & Styling by @BellaDonnaCreates : Ears by @ukiyo.mimi
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Craving a sweet treat that is easy to make and delicious? Try out my banana bread recipe for a fast, cheap, and easy baking adventure. What you'll need: 2 Cups of All Purpose Flour 1/2 Cup of White Sugar 1/2 Cup of Brown sugar 2 Eggs 3 bananas (overripe &…
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Feeling heavy? Fed up? Need a minute to yourself? Overly stressed? I've got good news! First of all, you've got this. I know it's hard... All the bullshit is exhausting. People are difficult and have hurt you or made your life complicated. Sometimes it's loss, stress, relationships, or simply nothing…
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What are the places that bring your heart and mind peace and joy? Ever since I was little one of those places has been bookstores. The smell of new books, and the rigidity of a new spine, the worn pages and scuffed cover of a tenderly love antique volume. There's…
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What are your favorite flowers? My favorite type are orchids, and I'm lucky enough to be tending to a beautiful variety with the help of my partner. I'm also a big fan of roses and sunflowers. We've gotten into the habit of keeping lilies (his favorite) around the house, too.…
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Photographer: Eric T; Editor: BellaDonna Bravado; Kitten Ears: A&M Leatherworks 
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